On Saturday, November 5th more than 200 Golden Triangle area Tiger Rock students arrived at the Lumberton Performing Arts building
to compete in three catagories; Traditional Forms, Sparring and Board Breaking.  40 students from the Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City
academy competed and scored high in all events.  This years competitors were: Adults: Elyse Thibodeaux – 5th Degree Black Belt; Jessica Tingler – 3rd Degree Black
Belt; Gary Thibodeaux – 1st Degree Black Belt; Mason Frederic – 1st Degree Black Belt; Jamie Jones – Red Belt; Austin Verret – Brown Belt; Jorrie Higgins- Blue Belt; Chris Line – Green Belt;
Logan Smudricks – Yellow Belt; Teens: Dallas Powers – 3rd Degree Black Belt; Trenten Parker – 3rd Degree Black Belt; Micheal Jones – 2nd Degree Black Belt; Landen Thomas – 1st Degree Black Belt;
Mason Pruett – Red Belt; Mason Smith – Red Belt; Ethan Martin – Brown Belt; Juniors: Walker Swindell – 2nd Degree Black Belt; Athan Peterson – 1st Degree Black Belt; Jacie Busby – 1st Degree Black Belt; Ava Osborne – 1st Degree Black Belt; Matthew Golemon – Red Belt; Kaleb Graham – Red Belt; Alex Staunton – Brown Belt; Erin Line – Blue Belt; Parker Christian – Blue Belt; Brianna Bryant – Blue Belt; Asher Bradshaw – Blue Belt; Malachi Hollier – Green Belt; Ethan Rogers – Green Belt; Chase Causey – Green Belt; Kyle Florer – Green Belt; Gracie Frederic – Green Belt; Julian Rivera – Green Belt;
Michael Tatum – Green Belt; Edgar Vargas – Green Belt; Angel Vasquez – Yellow Belt; Zane LeDoux – Yellow Belt; Jonah Peterson – White Belt; Mark Golemon – Tiger Cub and Teagan Hopkins – Tiger Cub.
A great time was had by all! Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City would like to thank this year’s Tournament Sponsors: Neighbor’s Emergency Centers (Gold Sponsor and First Aid Sponsor), Complete Staffing, Tico’s Cuban Cafe, MCT Credit Union, Bridge City Bank, Danica’s, Wellspring Credit Union, Phyllis and JK Subaru.

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