As I sit here on Nov. 22 planning this column it hits me that the date has more significance than being my friend H.D. Pate’s birthday. November 22, 1963 comes alive in my mind. I instantly recall every step I took that day. That’s the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. The shooting occurred around noon and the rest of the day that was all my mind was occupied with. I watched every report on a black and white television while also listening to an A.M. radio. Fifty-three years have flown by since that tragic day in Texas but it remains fresh in my memory. I’m sure everyone 63 years or older recall where they were when word reached them that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas. History books have recorded that gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone but that fact is debated every year at this time. There are many other theories that will live on into the distant future. President Kennedy, a Boston Yankee, was special to us southern folks who were Catholics. He was the first and only Catholic president in our history. A little after the announcement that the President had died, a Texan, Lyndon Baines Johnson, assumed the presidency of a hurting nation. JFK had served only 1,000 days in office. He was admired by many but Vietnam and the blotched Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba were marks on his leadership that threatened his re-election. That was why he was touring Texas, trying to heal the wounds between the Democratic Liberal and Conservative forces. He had visited Houston, slept in Forth Worth, and was due in Austin on the night of Nov. 22. Orange Countians, headed to Austin for the event, heard the news on the car radio, turned around and headed home in disbelief. November 22, 1963, a day that will always live in my memory.*****I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me and I’m already behind. I’d best make tracks. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.

Bill Kiihnl, 91, passed away November 15. Service was held last Friday, Nov. 18, at Winfree Baptist Church, officiated by Rev. Dale Lee, of Cowboy Church. I had known this good man many years. Bill always was one of the friendliest people I have ever known. He just seemed to like everyone and always made it a point to greet me anytime we showed up at the same place. He treated everyone that way. For years there was an old gang of guys who always hung together. Genuine good men, most gone now. I do know that Tom Brooks is still around and probably a few others. They all shared their interest in people and the community. Most from the Greatest Generation, Bill was a WWII veteran in the United States Navy. I’ll never forget his big smile and friendly handshake. Another good man has left us. May he rest in peace. Please see obituary.

10 Years Ago-2006
Super Bowl winner, former Dallas Cowboy, Kevin Smith, #26, from 1992 to 1999, will join Major League pitcher John Patterson as co-parade marshals for the Orange Jaycee Christmas parade, Nov. 30. Born in Orange April 11, 1970, Smith was a successful baseball, basketball and track star before trying his hand at football. The West Orange-Stark star was named All State and All Conference at Texas A&M before joining Dallas and becoming a super All Pro star.*****West Orange-Stark Mustang coach Dan Hooks, who has had many football successes, suffered one of his worst losses, a 21-13 loss to Giddings, in the Class 3-A Region III area round playoff. This team was figured to make it all the way to state at every position but Coach Hooks said, “You can’t make mistakes against a good team or it will cost you.” He added, “The coaching staff has to share in the blame for the loss.”*****Butch Campbell turns 52 on Nov. 23.*****Ace Amedo turns 81.*****V.A. Service Officer Jerry Childress will be 53 on Nov. 27.*****The 30th annual Mauriceville Senior Citizens Christmas dinner, honors the founder, the late Juliet “Cha Cha’ Holsomback. Judge Derry Dunn will emceed the event.*****Staudt’s Jewelry, a family tradition since 1942, is going out of business, closing the doors forever.*****Some of the large staff at Jerry Hughes Realty, besides Loretta Hughes and Debbie Hughes, are Charles Cessac, Eva Magnuson, Dayne Hill, Rana Miller, Darla Bertrand, Pat Caillavet, Sherry Hommel and Gertie Ewing. (Editor’s note: I know Charles is no longer with us but I don’t know who else, if anyone, from that group has passed away.)*****District 21-3A, 2006 Coaches All-District Football Team, names Earl Thomas District MVP. Dustin Lock, W.O.-S. Defensive MVP. Dan Hooks unanimous Coach of the Year.*****Dr. Albert Pugh opens his new Bridge City Animal Hospital on Texas Ave. Grand Opening will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7.(Editor’s note: Dr. Pugh has been in Bridge City over 40 years.)*****The Goode family owners of Orange Carpet and Sleep Shop, after 30 years in the same location, is retiring. A Big liquidation sale is being held.*****Buckshot Winfree, 67, who just sold his trucking business, says his family roots in Orange County go back to 1831 when his great-great-grandfather, Abraham Winfree, settled on the land when it belonged to Mexico. Abraham was one of the first Anglos to settle in what became Orange County. Abraham Winfree had a stop along the Opelousas Cattle Trail for cowboys to stay overnight. Abraham kept a 20-acre pen for the cattle. History shows Republic of Texas soldiers, traveling with captured Mexican General Santa Ana to New Orleans after the battle of San Jacinto in 1836, spent the night at Abraham’s place. Winfree was also a friend of Claiborne West, who lived in the Cow Bayou settlement. He was a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. (Editor’s note: The County Park on IH-10 is named for West. Lester “Buckshot” is no longer with us however some of Abraham’s land is still in the Winfree family.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Felton Hebert, 63, of Bridge City, passed away Nov. 26. Services will be held Nov. 29. He was a lifelong resident of the Golden Triangle area, an avid hunter and was a Heavy Equipment Operator for C&B Trucking. He is survived by his wife Judy, parents Alton and Mildred Hebert, daughters Melissa and Kelly, step-daughter Cindy Dautreuil and grandchild Cody Eresto Alonzo.*****Nettie “Pug” Miller, of Orange, passed away Nov. 21. Services were held Nov. 22. She was a lifelong resident of Orange, a homemaker and a member of the Baptist faith. She is survived by her husband of 51 years, Jackie L. Miller, son Jackie G. Miller, sisters Marie Peveto, Dorothy Trull and Doris Meyers and their families.*****Dorothy Mae Brand, 75, of Orange, passed away Nov. 25. Services will be held Nov. 28. A native and lifelong resident of Orange she was a member of the Rebekah Lodge and also a member of Cove Baptist Church and a loving mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She is survived by daughters Dusty Fenner and Billie Bailey, sons Danny Bailey, Kenneth R. Brand, Jr. and Tommy Bailey, sister Juanita Sonier.******Clenita “Toni” Cunningham, 52, of Bridge City, passed away Nov. 21. Services were held Nov. 24. She is survived by her husband James Cunningham, mother Evelyn Marks, daughter Joi Dre’Ann Cunningham, nephews William Guillory, Gilbert Block, Austin Guillory and Joey Guillory, Jr., brother Hiram Lewis, sisters Julia Block, Belinda Harper, Michelle Hanks and Lori Black and their families.

40 Years Ago-2006
Some one planted a bomb at the Orange Sear’s store. It apparently was masterminded by a novice bomb maker. The Fort Polk bomb squad took it away.*****Orange County lost a good man F.L. “Butch” Butcher, who passed away last week, Nov. 15.*****Colonel Noel Bratton, with the Sheriff’s Department, has resigned to accept a position with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department. Bratton had upgraded and made the department efficient.*****The 1926 Orange High class celebrates their 50th reunion. Blanche McFarlane Sims, in charge of reservations, can be reached at 886-8591.*****Fain and Coy, at Orange Appliance and Automotive, are now exclusive dealers of UniRoyal tires in Orange County.*****Phyllis Dunn returns from a week long trip to Missouri where she visited her fraternal aunts Joyce and Agnes. She also ventured to Honey Cave, near Springfield, to spend the night with longtime friend Doris Holt Fogel, husband Frank and daughter Donna.*****Bob Montagne, longtime Democratic Party worker, is chosen to lead Orange County Demo’s as chairman at the Nov. 16 meeting. Montagne is a Lamar board member.*****Lovely Kathy James was chosen the “Spotlighted Member of the Month’ by B&PW.*****The groundbreaking ceremonies held for Big Red Pantry. Owner Howard Morse reported Bill Townes would be manager. Howard’s son, Kenneth, will work at the new store. Son Wayne, who had worked with his dad for years, is leaving to go into business for himself. He bought a convenience store in Lakeview, in Vidor. He and wife “Dancing” Sherry, will be moving from Bridge City to Lakeview.*****A fish story: Doug Harrington and son, Doug Jr., went fishing and Doug swears the bass were really jumping. In fact, Doug says four trophy size bass just jumped in the boat. He says if he would have been towing a boat, he could have filled it with jumping fish. He has offered to take a lie dictator test if they promise not to ask about his personal life.

Our longtime friend Judge David Peck, who suffered a stroke and fall a couple of years ago, is retiring Jan. 3, as Justice of the Peace. We wish him and Patsy smoother sailing ahead. Good speed. Commissioners have appointed ??????to fill the remaining two years of Judge Peck’s term.*****Regional playoff games will be held Friday, Nov. 25. West Orange-Stark will meet Bellville at Texas Drive Stadium in New Caney at 6 p.m. The Bridge City Cardinals will play Stafford Friday, Nov. 25 at 7 p.m. in Channelview. Good luck to these great Orange County teams.*****Our buddy of many years, Joe Kazmar, is doing much better recovering from diverticulitis. Joe is recuperating and receiving therapy and hopefully he will continue to get better and be back to writing his column in a month or two.******Our friend Joyce Dubose is under the weather. Everyone loves Ms. Joyce and she needs our prayers for a successful recovery. Please remember her in your prayers.***** A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Nov. 23: “Mr Lion” Randall Morris celebrates today as does Christina Tallant, Rita Ellis, Haylie Belcher, Ann Caples, Scott Mackey and Barbara Trahan Boynton. Celebrities celebrating today are pop singer Miley Cyrus, 24, reality star Snooki, 29, TV actor Page Kennedy and entrepreneur John Schnatter, 55.*****Nov. 24: Today is Thanksgiving Day. Lon’s pretty wife, Kim Hubbard celebrates today as does Thomas Hutchison, Candance Todora, Jeff Hollis and Jessica Stark. Joining them are actors Katherine Heigl, 38, football player Ryan Fitzpatric k, 34 and basketball player Oscar Robertson, 78. *****Nov. 25: Our longtime friend, former owner of Howard’s Big Red Pantry and longtime Bridge City Bank board member, Howard Morse celebrates today. He’s 90-plus. Also a nice lady, who stays busy being a mainstay at Jerry Hughes Real Estate agency, Debbie Hughes, is a year older. Also Amanda Barlow, Serena Simonton, Trendz owner Sherry Hickman, and Sherry Hommel. A happy birthday goes out also to TV actress Christina Applegate, 45, actor Billy Burke, 50 and football coach Chip Kelly, 53.*****Nov. 26: The pride of Orangefield, a lovely lady, Judge Courtney Burch Arkeen, celebrates today. Sharing birthdays is a good guy, not near as pretty as the Judge, Dist. Attorney John Kimbrough. A guy we have known 70 years, who has lived a lot of county history, father of the twins, D.J. “Ace” Amodeo who I believe is 91 today. Also celebrating are Taryn Hubbard, nurse Shelly Hollier, Dr. Ronald Risinger and Central Office Supply owner and Bridge City councilman Eric Andrus. Celebraties celebrating today are rock singer Tina Turner, 77, rapper lil Fizz, 31, and children’s author James Dashner, 44.*****Nov. 27: Betty Simonton, Roy’s little sister Shirley Kogas, Cindy Huckabay, Don North, Mark Bourgeois, Melissa Fisher and former beauty queen Sharon Gregory all share birthdays. Joining them are politician Caroline Kennedy, 59, pop singer Sanna Nielsen, 32 and reality star Caleb Reynolds, 29.*****Nov. 28: Our oil-patch buddy, David Fusilier celebrates today as does Russell Dillow, former editor Jerry Childress, Barbara Peveto, Cassandra Carpenter and Rev. Cody and Ginger’s daughter Brooklyn Hogden. Celebrities joining them are TV show host Jon Stewart, 54, rapper Allan Pineda, 42 and R&B singer Trey Songz, 32.*****Nov. 29: Commissioner Barry Burton is a year older today as is Jim Bob Aven, Troy Manuel, Angela Webb, Sharon Evans, Abby Reynolds and Carrisa Guidry. Joining them are football player Russell Wilson, 28, wrestlers Jerry Lawler, 67, and John Layfield, 50. Happy Birthday to All.*****Throwing good money after bad. Surely Commissioner’s Court won’t spend $50,000 on another study for the Vidor Loop. A study was done in 2012 and not much, if any, has changed. Every city administration in the county is on record as being against putting a $23 million burden on its tax payers. The citizens are against it. The amount in the long run could be many more millions. I hear our friend Commissioner Barry Burton is the swing vote to do another study. I hope that’s not so because from what I hear from Pct. 2 is trouble ahead on that issue.*****Congressman Kevin Brady has been charged with dismantling the Affordable Care Act/Obama Care. Congressional Republicans will be under intense pressure to act fast, but there probably won’t be anything fast done in the near future. Replacing it is likely to take months. Republicans risk aggravating up to 30 million people covered by law. Also Congress’ work could spill into the 2018 election season when the entire House and a third of the Senate must run for re-election. Here’s a downside, poor people don’t need “tax deductions” for health insurance premiums. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan also revamps Medicare and Medicaid with subsidizes, citizens will be able to pick private plan. A lot of voters don’t realize they voted for privatizing Medicare. The next step will be to do the same to Social Security. Expect Democrats to filibuster. Bill killing filibusters require 60 votes to end so don’t expect anything to happen on “Day One.”*****Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote is 1.7 million votes and continues to increase. She leads with 63.7 million votes. With another three million votes from California and Michigan she would become the largest vote-getter of all time. She can already claim a mandate from the American people. How close was the election? Certainly not a landslide; Only 3,000 votes separate Clinton and Trump in New Hampshire, 12,000 in Michigan and still counting, 27,000 in Wisconsin, 68,000 in Pennsylvania. If any two states had gone for Clinton she would have won not only the popular vote but also the Electoral College.*****If your having computer problems or need reliable computer service do what we did and call the computer expert Clint Morris at PC Personalized Computers. Clint custom built us a computer with full warranty. He and his staff can help you with any computer problem. (See ad in this issue.)***** The Wednesday Lunch Bunch is off this week but plan a nice gathering at Robert’s next week. Everyone always welcome.*****A new Gallop Poll has President Obama’s approval rating at 57 percent. The very same as President Reagan after eight years in office. Only President Clinton was higher at 59 percent, an all time high. However, with two months left Obama could come close. The President-elect has a 46 percent approval and even after losing the Electoral College Hillary has a higher approval rating then Trump with 48.9 percent.*****If you need to get your place looking good for the upcoming holidays give Pete at Coastal Landscaping a call at 738-2070. They can totally redo your yard or just cut the lawn and put mulch around you plants for winter protection.*****H.D. Pate and I go back many moons since he first hung up his shingle in Bridge City to start his law practice. He helped incorporate the city then served as city attorney for many years. I called to wish him a Happy Birthday Nov. 22, his 77th, only to find out he has been in the big Methodist Hospital in Houston since Oct. 25. He went in to have his right knee replaced but that’s when everything went wrong. The knee operation was a success but things fell apart from there. He developed blood clots and had to have emergency surgery to save his leg. He was cut open from ankle to knee which still remains open. So far, so good, on saving the leg and controlling the clots. If all goes well, he could be hone in early December.

After Felix Thibodeaux and his wife Agnes, got finish wit da Tanksgiving Day and everybody done gone home, Tib, wat was laying on the couch, and Agnes, who was sitting on da chair in da living room, got to talking bout Christmas. Da next day was Black Friday, da biggest shopping day of da year. Dey talked bout wat gifts dey would give everybody. Before Tib could tell Agnes wat kind of gift he wanted, she uttered da words, “Divorce.”
Tib axe, “W#at’s dat you say?”
Agnes answer, “Tib. me I want a divorce.”
Not skipping a beat or taking a deep breath, Tib calmly replied, “Mais Agnes, Babe, I was not planning to spend dat much money on you dis Christmas, me.”

A heartfelt thanks. This Thanksgiving we have plenty to be thankful for. Most importantly is our family of advertisers who make our newspapers possible. Because of them we are Orange County’s largest circulated newspapers covering more territory with home deliveries and store copies than all the other publications combined. The customers who use us to reach the consumers are getting their message to the entire trade area. We are also thankful to our readers for their loyalty over many years. To any reader who has joined us lately we say welcome and hope you find us informative, entertaining and interesting. To our many friends who have stuck with us over the years that we have called on many times we can’t say we appreciate you enough. It’s friends like you that make it all worthwhile. To all of you and your families we wish a healthy and bountiful Thanksgiving. Take care and God bless.