Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls on
December 16-18 2016:

Traffic Accident, 1130 @ Ben Mac

Process Service, 201 8th St

Traffic Accident, Service Rd At RR Tracks

Burglary, 408 W Cypress Ave

Forgery, 2419 16th Get N Go #2

Robbery, 3325 Lincoln Dr

Damaged Property, Park

Burglary, 510 Dupont Dr

Theft, 201 8Th St

Process Service, 700 W John Ave

Assist Other Agency, 3115 Edgar Brown

Theft, 210 Bridal Wreath St

Assault, 649 Gardenia Ave

Theft, 104 Dahlia st

Stolen Property, 2540 Park Ave

Public Intox, 4301 27th St

Traffic Accident, 16th St In Front Of Krogers

Traffic Accident, 1604 Link Ave

Assault, 1600 Bear Path Dr

Assault, 201 8Th St

Process Service, 1101 Green Ave

Traffic Accident, IH10 And 16th WB

Robbery, 808 15Th St

Traffic Accident, 1200 Bear Path Dr

Traffic Accident, 111 Pine Ave

Public Intox, 7112 IH10

Misc Incidents, 3663 Hemlock St

Miscellaneous, 2425 16th St

Theft, 2540 Park

Traffic Accident, 3803 Mlk Jr Dr

Traffic Accident, 3709 N 16th St

Traffic Accident, 3800 Mlk Jr Dr

Process Service, 12099 Fm 1442