Colleen James is surrounded by snowmen and other seasonal decorations and gifts in her Sweet Creations Etc. shop in Orange. A Utah native, she has been in business in Orange County for 27 years but she still likes her snow.



By Dave Rogers
For The Record

This week’s freezing temperatures reminded Colleen James of her roots in Utah but the long-time Orange County resident knows better than to expect a white Christmas.
She’ll still have snowmen, though.
With Colleen, there are always snowmen.
“Christmas is the most special time in my life,” says the owner of Orange’s Sweet Creations Etc., 3515 Mockingbird Lane, a Texan for 31 years. “Being from Utah, I enjoy the snow, so I’m trying to make everything snowy.
“Snowmen are my favorite.”
Sweet Creations Etc. features plenty of snowmen and faux snow.
“Not only is Christmas a happy time, but it’s a time we remember Christ,” James said.
“I just enjoy Christmas. But then I enjoy all holidays.
“I decorate my house for all holidays. Some people probably think I’m crazy, but that’s OK. It’s what I like.”
James even has a bit of a side job decorating other people’s houses.
“If people need some help, I’m going to try to help them,” she said. “I do their plant stands and stuff like that. I help do the decorations at church.
“Whenever people need help, I do what I can. I like to help the elderly people. They’re my favorite.”
Finding someone who can’t find something they’d like in Sweet Creations Etc. would be a challenge.
James has been in business in Orange County for 27 years and her store is stocked with things you didn’t think you needed but can’t live without after the discovery.
“We’re trying to get something from every state, so people can come in and find something they enjoy from where they grew up,” she said.
The inventory includes handmade soap from Illinois, coffee from Alaska, soup mixes from Louisiana. Every Friday and Saturday, her store hosts tastings for coffee, candied jalapenos, cheese balls, dip, bread or muffins.
But James’ specialty is her plant stands, which use many out-of-the-ordinary objects. Her No. 1 seller is “Incredible Plant Stand” which can be used to store plants vertically indoors during the winter.
“I spend my spring and summer (working) on my plant stands,” she said.

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