By Dave Rogers
For The Record

Like Dorothy whisked away to Oz, Sheila Parks Faske is set to visit some legendary surroundings for Friday’s Presidential Inauguration.
“There’s a 60 percent chance of rain,” Faske said of weekend forecasts for the Washington, D.C. area. “Yeah, it’s going to be cold.”
But for someone who worked hard for her party’s ticket, it’s also pretty cool.
Faske, the chair of the Orange County Republican County, departed early Wednesday morning for three event-filled days of celebrating the GOP taking back the White House in the person of Donald Trump.
“It’ll be my first inauguration,” she said.
“I got to thinking about it: I was our (the county’s) Texas delegate at the national convention, I worked on the campaign … shoot, this will be full circle.”
Faske, who correctly predicted Trump’s lopsided victory in Orange County – he got 79 percent of the local vote compared to just 18 percent for Democrat Hillary Clinton – was in a strange predicament for last November’s general election.
None of the Republican candidates drew opposition, so rather than work at boosting locals in tough races, she joined other Republicans politicos in Texas Strike Force.
“We had no local election, so I went and helped in other elections,” she said. “I went to Lake Charles. Other people went to help in other states.”
Her efforts did not go unrecognized. Among the first stops on her inauguration itinerary is a Wednesday night dinner with U.S. Rep Brian Babin. Thursday, she’ll be guest of the Republican Party of Texas at an inaugural brunch featuring an appearance by singer Lee Greenwood.
Thursday night, she’ll be at the Black Tie and Boots inaugural ball. And, after Friday’s inauguration and parade, she has a ticket to the Freedom Ball.
“It’s one of the ones Trump will be at,” she said proudly.
If Faske could put on ruby slippers and click her heels for a wish, it would be for cheaper travel.
“Hotel rooms were crazy expensive,” she said.
But for this experience, it’s a price she happily paid.