Officers from the Orange Police Department responded to the following calls on
January 13-16:

Abandon Vehicle, Old 90 At Jenkins

Misc Incidents, IH10 WB At 869

Controlled Substance, 7112 IH 10

Other Crimes Against Society, 2500 Allie Payne Rd

Damaged Property, 320 Schley Ave

Process Service, 6th And Cherry

Traffic Accident, 16th And N Lutcher

Traffic Accident, 2210 Simmons Dr

Miscellaneous, 205 Border St

Miscellaneous, 205 Border St

Process Service, 1010 Hwy 87 S

Miscellaneous, 1710 16th St

Traffic Accident, 2900 Blk N Service Rd

Process Service, 16Th & Church

Theft, 1608 Missouri St

Theft, 1100 16th St

Theft, 2317 Monterrey Dr

Traffic Accident, 2000 Lutcher Dr

Miscellaneous, 205 Border St

Traffic Accident, IH 10 EB

Theft, 2205 Hwy 62 S

Fraud, 1207 Moss St

Traffic Accident, 321 Strickland Dr

Damaged Property, 510 W Bilbo St

Traffic Accident, 812 15th St

Miscellaneous, Meeks @ Ally Payne

Controlled Substance, 2424 16Th St

Process Service, 201 8th St

Sexual Offense, 3925 N Eddie