By Debby Schamber

For the Record

Getting to a healthier place is more than just going to the gym. 

“Fitness is less of a luxury now,” said Tony Fuselier, new owner of Anytime Fitness in Bridge City. “People want to live longer and feel better.” 

Fuselier was born and raised in Southeast Texas. As a youth he spent lots of time in Bridge City and it was during this time he thought of someday becoming the owner of the gym. With the recent purchase, his dreams have become realized. However, the Bridge City location was not his first gym purchase. 

Initially, Fuselier was a tennis pro who taught at a local high school. But, while teaching and coaching he considered what the blistering Texas heat was doing to him. So, he decided to find something which would give him a “great return” and “gratification” while still helping people. 

As a result, Fuselier bought his first gym in Wimberley and later in Dripping Springs. But, he did not stop there. He became one of Anytime Fitness’ top franchise owners. He is currently the owner of 26 gyms in six states which are Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri and Kansas. Fuselier purchases under performing gyms and revitalizes them giving them new life and energy. Some gyms he keeps while others he sells them. 

“Thirty-eight gyms later I end up buying the gym that inspired me to be in this business,” Fuselier said. “It’s like coming home.” 

Fuselier tells of a recent incident where a gym member told him of his significant weight loss because of working out. This reminded him of his tennis coaching days when a student did well on the tennis court. For Fuselier this was a proud moment and confirmed why fitness is so important in his life and those around him. 

Fuslier says the equipment at Anytime Fitness is in tip top condition. The gym in Bridge City offers free classes such as yoga, spin classes and classes for senior citizens to help them get healthy and fit too. 

In addition, each person receives two free sessions with a trainer. Additional training sessions are available for a fee. But, the benefit is surely worth it, he added. 

In 29 countries world wide, there are more than 3,500 Anytime Fitness locations. A person’s membership is good at any location. The hours of operation at the gym is 24 hours a day and seven days per week. At the gym, members can work on machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, exercise cycles, stair climbers and rowing machines. There are also free weights, kettle bells and cable crossovers. 

“There is something for everyone,” Fuselier said.