Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City Students Wow Crowds at Tiger Rock Nationals

On March 17th and 18th at the Galveston Island Convention Center at San Luis Resort, Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City attended a landmark Tiger Rock National Championship. This event hosted more than 1200 competitors from all over the State. Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City brought a record 45 students to this event.

Competing in events of Traditional Forms, Sport Sparring, One-Steps, Extreme Performance (XP) Weapons Competition, Agility, and Board Breaking. The students from Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Bridge City performed far above average.

Several standout performances were seen in Adult XP Weapons, where L3 Brown Belt Instructor, Austin Verret, of Orangefield took Gold with an outstanding Bo Staff performance against Black Belt competitors. Also, in the Junior Brown/Red Belt XP Competition, L1 Brown Belt, Alex Staunton, of Bridge City took Gold with his Bo Staff form. In the Junior Green and Blue Belt XP Competition, L2 Blue Belt, Ethan Rogers of Orangefield, took Silver with his Nunchuck routine.

Other medal winners at this event were 5th Degree Black Belt (BB), Elyse Thibodeaux – Forms – Gold, Sparring – Bronze, Board Breaking – Gold; L4 3rd Degree BB, Jessica Tingler – Boards – Bronze; 3rd Degree L4 BB, Dallas Powers – Boards – Silver; 3rd Degree L2 BB – Trenten Parker – Agility – Gold, Boards – Gold; 3rd L1 BB, Walker Swindell – Boards – Gold; 1st Degree L4 BB, 2nd Degree L2 BB, Micheal Jones – Boards – Gold; ,Mason Frederic – Boards – Bronze; 1st Degree L4 BB, Athan Peterson – Boards – Bronze; 1st Degree L3 BB, Ava Osborne – Boards- Silver; 1st Degree L2 BB, Rylan Brown – Forms – Bronze, Agility – Bronze, Boards – Silver; 1st Degree L1 BB, Jamie Jones – Sparring – Bronze, Boards Silver; 1st Degree L1 BB, Justin Burchfield – Boards – Bronze; 1st Degree L1 BB, Mason Smith – Boards – Silver; L3 Red Belt, Kaleb Graham – Boards – Gold; L2 Red Belt, Ethan Martin – Agility – Silver, Boards – Gold; L3 Brown Belt, Austin Verret – Forms – Gold, Sparring – Silver, Agility – Silver, Boards – Gold; L3 Brown Belt, Alex Staunton – Forms – Silver, Spaarring – Bronze, Boards – Silver, Agility – Bronze; L1 Brown Belt, Jorrie Higgins – Forms – Gold, Boards – Silver; L2 Blue Belt, Ethan Rogers – Sparring – Silver, Agility – Bronze, Boards – Gold; L2 Blue Belt, Asher Bradshaw – Sparring – Silver, Boards – Silver; L3 Green Belt, Anthony Rinehart – Forms- Gold; L3 Green Belt, Gracie Frederic – Boards – Bronze; L3 Green Belt, Julian Rivera – Boards – Bronze; L2 Green Belt, Angel Vasquex – Forms – Silver, Boards – Gold; L2 Green Belt, Ayden Marrs – Boards – Bronze; L1 Green Belt, Logan Miller – Boards – Bronze; L1 Green Belt, Jonah Peterson – Boards – Silver; L1 Green Belt, Alex Chappell- Forms – Silver, Sparring – Silver, Agility – Gold, Boards – Silver; L1 Green Belt, Ryan Bell – Boards – Bronze; Yellow Belt, Amber Rinehart – Forms – Gold, One-Steps – Gold, Agility – Silver; Yellow Belt, Nicolas Moreno – Forms – Silver, Agility – Bronze; White Belt, Kylee Koonce – Boards – Bronze; Tiger Cub (TC) Red Belt, Caedmon Wagner – Gold Skills; TC Brown Belt, Austin Bodin – Gold Skills, Agility – Silver; TC Blue Belt, Cambria Symmonds – Gold Skills; TC Green Belt, Lily Kole – Gold Skills; TC White Belt, Erick Gutierrez – Gold Skills, Agility – Gold.

Other fine performances were given by the following competitors: L1 Brown Belt, Arlan Khoury; L3 Green Belt, Edgar Vargas; L2 Green Belt, Zane LeDoux; Yellow Belts Riley Kole, Cole Williams and Thomas Royston as well as, White Belt, Bronson Lopez.