Saturday, April 1, 2017, was the launch date for “Reflectors for Responders”- a project that was born out of Youth Leadership SETX. 6 BCHS junior students-Kaylee Flannigan, Maggie Garcia, Gabby Howe, Mackenzie Land, Landon Luna, and Madison Wilson were interviewed and chosen last fall and met with student leaders from across the region. Bridge City-Orangefield and Vidor students as well as business leaders came up with the project of placing a blue reflector on the street marking fire hydrants for our first responders. BC students did a gumbo fundraiser as well as raised money during lunches to purchase reflectors- there are 275+ fire hydrants in the Bridge City area. Saturday, under the direction of BCISD Superintendent Mr. Todd Lintzen- a member of LSET the project began at BCISD Administration Building as many community leaders-including city council, BCFD, BCISD School Board members and BCISD Admin joined forces with students to complete project. Throughout this process, students presented at a City Council as well as a School Board Meeting and learned many leadership lessons as a result. Students would like to thank Mr. Lintzen especially for his time and dedication to this project.

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