On March 30th, Bridge City Middle School hosted the Girls District Track Meet. This district meet determined the overall standing of each individual participant as well as school ranking.

Bridge City Middle School 7th grade girls had an outstanding track season. The team ended the year claiming the district championship title with 223 points.

The following are district places held by BCMS 7th Grade Girls Track Team:
Pole Vault
3rd place (tie) – Boswell and Clark
5th place – Pickard

Shot Put
2nd place – Varnon
5th place – Gaspard

3rd place – Varnon
5th place – Bower

High Jump
1st place – Carpenter
2nd place – Fountain

5th place – Silva

Triple Jump
1st place – Carpenter
2nd place – Ryder
3rd place – Brown

Long Jump
1st place – Ryder
2nd place – Richter
3rd place – Fountain

2400 Run
3rd place – Dosch
5th place – Boudreaux

400M Relay
1st place – Carpenter, Fountain, Richter, Ryder

800 Run
4th place – Dupuis
6th place – Jeffrey

110M Hurdles
1st place – Carpenter

100 Dash
2nd place – Ryder

800M Relay
1st place – Ryder, Richter, Dosch, Carpenter

400 Dash
4th place – Oceguera
6th place – Fountain

300M Hurdles
1st place – Dosch
3rd place – Wooley

200 M Dash
1st place – Richter
3rd place – Silva

1600 Run
4th place – Norris
5th place – Hoffman

1600 M Relay
3rd place – Silva, Jeffrey, Oceguera, Wooley
Picture Attached
Top Row (left to right): Briana Zuniga, Evelyn Lecea, Hannah Murchison, Hannah Varnon, Kendyl Thomas, Bridget Brown, Tatum Fountain

Second Row (left to right): Coach Wiegreffe, Harlee Tupper, Hillary Brown, Leah Jeffrey, Jaquelin Sandino, Kember Ess, Caryss Carpenter, Coach Peveto

Third Row (left to right): Mallory Silva, Reesie Ryder, Kaylyn Dosch, Lauren Richter, Kathryn Wooley, Cameron Ocegeura, Emma Gaspard

Bottom Row (left to right): Estrella Lobotas, Kyndall Boudreaux, Marilyn Clark, Hanna Malagarie, Kinley Dupuis, Hallie Boswell, Mattie Hoffman, Kennedy Pickard,

Seated (left to right): Jacy Norris and Iris Lobotas