A lot of things have been going on in Washington but none more significant than the appointment of the 113 Supreme Court judge. If you are 21 years old, the new judge, Neil Gorsuch, will probably be on the court your entire adult life, until the day he retires. His appointment came about by the Senate changing the rules, in a historical move, for the first time they appointed a Supreme Court judge just with a simple majority of 52 votes, not the 60 votes required throughout our history. The appointment gives the GOP a strong position for decades to come. The seat really should have belonged to a Democratic appointee, however, the Republican controlled Senate sat on the nomination for 10 months without even giving the nominee a hearing. They stalled until President Obama’s term in office expired and then changed the course of history. They changed the rules to get their judge. Someday that will come back to bite them. President Donald Trump has yet to sign one piece of major legislation with just a couple of weeks left in his first 100 days. He’ll get credit however for the shenanigan that got Judge Gorsuch on the court. It’s apparent that Trump’s only accomplishment was done through shenanigans. That’s very Trump like.*****I’d best get going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


A few weeks ago, I wrote that Donald Trump’s favorability numbers were going down and would get worse. The only way he could probably stop the erosion would be to drop a few bombs on North Korea. Well, as luck would have it, Syrian president, Bashar Assad, gave Trump the opportunity he was looking for. Assad used a chemical weapons attack against his own people, killing 86, including children. Trump knew the world, other than Russia, would condemn the move. Trump quickly ordered a cruise missile strike that did very little damage to a small airport strip. The Syrian Air Force was able to use the strip for their jets the next day. If the attack was meant to put fear in our adversaries I doubt it scared anyone. The Trump administration even warned Russia to move their troops before the attack. You know Putin told Assad what was coming. Anyway, it accomplished what it was designed to do, stop Trump’s unfavorable numbers from falling to the 20’s. Here is a small sampling of what the most reliable poll, the Quinnipiac University, found in its national poll just before the air strike on Syria, April 4. Trump had a negative 35-57 percent job approval. His personal qualities are mostly negative. On Honesty: Not Honest, 61 percent; Honest, 31 percent. Leadership skills, Not Good, 55 percent to 40 percent; Level Headed, Negative, 66 percent to 29  percent; Cares about average Americans, Does not, 57 percent to 39 percent. Is a strong person, Is Not, 57 percent to 39 percent; Intelligent, Is Not, 60 percent to 35 percent; Shares our values, Does Not, 61 percent to 34 percent.; 52 percent say they are embarrassed to have Trump as president. 27 percent say they are proud. Trump gets 64 percent to 28 percent disapproval on Health Care; 61 percent to 29 percent disapproval on his handling of the Environment; On handling the Economy he gets 48 percent approval, 41 percent disapproval. On his handling of Immigration Issues he gets a negative 57 percent to 39 percent positive. These samplings show how far Trump’s approval had fallen since March. He’s the only president in history to have a below 50 percent favorability in his first 100 days. Assad’s stupid move to poison his citizens was a God send to Donald Trump. He couldn’t have wished for a better opportunity to send $180 million worth of bombs, 60 to land on a small airstrip, but will go a long way to get his favorable numbers up. You will hear a lot of bold talk by Trump and his gang but don’t buy it. He’s done all he’s going to do. It did the trick. Next is trying to figure out how to end the first 100 days on a high note.


Linda Warner named Record Newspapers’ 2007 Person of the Year. She was a sophomore in high school when she knew she wanted to be a teacher. It was quite a dream for a girl in a tiny East Texas town whose father delivered newspapers for a living. Through 45 years in education, she has worked with the philosophy that students and teachers deserve respect. She held onto the idea that learning should be fun and a lifelong goal for everyone. The Record Newspapers named Warner as “Person of the Year” for the special anniversary edition April 18, 2007 because of her dedication to her profession and the community. “It’s a privilege to honor an educator like Linda Warner,” said Roy Dunn, publisher of The Record. “She has spent her life working for students and teachers, and in turn, has improved the future for everyone.” Many of her students through the years have followed her path into education. Now, she’s ready to retire. She’s spent 35 years with the Little Cypress-Mauriceville school district and the last 25 years as the high school activities director. She seldom gets a moment of peace at school. Her small office, decorated with bears is a gathering place for teachers and students. Some need help, some simply want to say Hi.” “I’ll take care of it,” is one of her common phrases. “When she leaves, there’s going to be a big void,” said Tanyia Strickland Barnwell, a former student and longtime LC-M English teacher. Barnwell said Warner inspired her to become a teacher-coach because of the way she treated her students. Barnwell played basketball and tennis under Warner’s coaching. “She always called us ‘ladies,’” Barnwell said. “She gave us a lot of respect, but was very firm like a mom.” Often she was at school by 6 a.m. and might not go home until 9 p.m. She attended Stephen F. Austin where she took as many hours as she could in the women’s physical education department. While at SFA, she met Larry Warner from Silsbee and they were married by the time she took her first teaching job. Adolph Hryhorchuk, who was athletic director in West Orange CSD, was working on a graduate degree at SFA when he met the Warner’s and offered them jobs. Linda Warner went to West Orange Middle School, her husband was at Lorena Oats. Through the years she has photographed and video-typed events at the school and helps preserve the memories. She made sure classes, returning for reunions have pictures of their high school days (Editor’s note: I wonder how the last 10 years have gone for the Warner’s. I hope it has been a great retirement. I’ll check with Tanyia.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: James Hunter Beaty, 68, of Bridge City, died April 9. Service was Saturday, April 14. James was born in Orange, and had resided in Bridge City since 1991. He was a retired Major from the U.S. Army.. He is survived by his wife, Agnes Belew Beaty, son, Jamie Beaty, daughters Jennifer Elbert, Jessica Willingham and Julie Bone, two stepchildren, Deborah Hardin and Woody Cox, 11 grandchildren, two great grandchildren and brother Al Booth. ***** Roger Dale Landry, Sr. 61, of Orange, died April 10. Service was held Friday, April 13. Roger was a lifelong resident of Orange and retired journeyman for Local 502. He is survived by his wife, Eamlie Landry, sons, Allen, Bryan, Roger II, Faron and honorary son, Kenneth Mouton and 13 grandchildren***** Wayne Lawrence Granger, Sr, 70, of West Orange, died Wednesday, April 11. A Graveside Service was Saturday, April 14. He was a lifelong resident of the West Orange Community and a retired Tug Boat Captain and an avid fisherman. He is survived by his wife Bevelyn Granger of West Orange; sons and daughters, Wayne Lawrence Granger, Jr., Lawrence Wade Granger, Pam Fruge, Barbara Granger, and Sabrina Granger, stepsons Gary Duplantis, Chris Duplantis, Steve Duplantis, Tim Duplantis, eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren along with many nieces, nephews and cousins.***** Patrick Kyle Godwin, Jr., 23, of Bridge City, died Saturday, April 14. Funeral service was held Wednesday, April 18. Patrick was a carpenter finisher for George May Construction.  He is survived by his parents, Kevin and Tracey Mott, Patrick and Bettinae Godwin, grandparents Harold and Mona Brunson and Willis H. “Bill”and Norma Godwin, great grandparents Herman and Clydelle Rudeseal, sisters Meagan Anne Godwin, Katelyn Mott, Kazmine Godwin and Elle Godwin.***** Donald Lee Hodgkinson, 63, of Orange, passed away April 15. Funeral services were Thursday, April 19. A life long resident of Orange, he graduated from Lutcher Stark High School in 1963. He owned and operated Music Plus, where he was known as the “the Music Man” for over 20 years. He is survived by his wife of 42 years, Frances Hodgkinson; daughters, Dawn Hodgkinson Tramel and Donna Hodgkinson; grandson Patrick Tramel; brothers, L.J., Charles, and Jerry Hodgkinson; sisters, Shirley Alexander and Wanda Harris.***** Joyce Neumeyer Brown, 76, of Bridge City, died Sunday, April 15. Funeral service will be 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 18.  She is survived by her husband Harold “Ben” Brown her mother Fern Bay Neumeyer,  sister Peggy Wainwright, daughters Rebecca Norwood, Sandra LeBlanc, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

40 YEARS AGO -1977

Blaine and Linda Brown became the parents of a new son. *****Grandma Vickers, mother of Emma Day, a resident of Hollywood St., in Bridge City, celebrates her birthday April 20. She’s just one great gal. *****Jo Amodeo and Janet Fontenot celebrated birthdays in the last few days. *****The Rev. W.W. Kennedy celebrates his 34th anniversary as pastor of Cove Baptist church. *****Former Orangeite Jim Hicks, owner of Hick’s Construction, died last week in Alabama. He and his wife Mel had many friends locally. *****Randolph McClelland, of Bridge City, died last Tuesday. His body was flown back to Arkansas, where he was born, for burial. He and Mrs. McClelland have two sons, Billy and Jack. *****Marc and Debbie Darby became the parents of Misty Michelle on April 7. *****Attorney Ronny Baxter, husband Warren, and sons, Don and Grey, return from a Colorado visit. She has purchased former Judge Bennett’s law office. *****Gene and Mary Maulsby celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. *****Tammy Guyote released from the hospital after an auto accident Easter weekend. She has both arms and a leg in a cast, and her mouth is wired shut. A friend, Joe Brody, also in the accident with Tammy, is still in serious condition at St. Elizabeth Hospital. *****New cheerleaders at Bridge City will be Nancy Gauthier, Kim Young, Tanya Hoffpauir, Tish Bratton, Sherri VanBreeman, Donna Poindexter, Tammy Poindexter and head cheerleader, Melissa Harmon. *****The Hughen School for Crippled Children is collecting Campbell soup labels to purchase visual aid equipment. If you wish to help with this project call Mary Stanton at 735-5762. *****Jessie Dupuis and James Rowe, burn victims are doing better but are still looking at extended stays in the hospital. Jessie is in Parkland in Dallas; James is at John Sealy in Galveston. *****Larry Ward and Bill Godwin, longtime educators and coaches, have purchased Fields Lumber Company in Bridge City. *****Bobby Smitherman has bought out his partner Jerry Pesson’s share of ownership in P.S. Tire and Supply. Jerry will open a new business at 800 Texas Ave. called Bridge City Recreation Vehicles. *****A new 1977 Buick Century, fully loaded, at Stephens Buick will set you back $4,999 plus TTL. *****James Henderson is president of Orange Bank, located at 302-5th. St. in Orange. *****The number one country song is, ‘It Couldn’t Have Been Any Better’ by Johnny Duncan. ‘She’s Got You’ by Loretta Lynn is number two. ‘Paper Rosie’ by Gene Watson is number three.


Stump Weatherford and Dayle, the Mardi Gras King and Queen, celebrate their seventh anniversary Monday with a Galveston weekend. The King and Queen will make an appearance at the Follies. They enjoyed making the schools and nursing homes. Congrats and best wishes for many more.*****We are sorry to report that our friend of 65 years, Corky Harmon, who has been in a Beaumont hospital for 26 days, has been transferred to a Mid-County Hospital where they hope to build him up enough to start therapy to get his wheels strong enough to motivate. Corky has lost a lot of weight and has gotten weak in the legs. His family says he’s now on the upswing. We pray for his full recovery.******Capt. Dickie Colburn stopped by for a nice visit. Dickie is a very popular Lake Sabine fishing guide. For several years now he has been publishing a weekly column in our papers that is very well received. One fisherman told me, “You can always bet on what Dickie tells you. He does it, not just make up a story about it.” I learned that Charles “Chachi” Owens, Dickie and Frank Beachamp signed at the same time to play for Texas. That wasn’t Dickie or Frank’s choice, they would have preferred going to Arkansas, but were pressured into playing football for Texas. Only Owens stayed with the Longhorns. He became a lawyer and for years he’s been in Washington in the Defense Department.*****Bill Hare stopped by and we had a nice visit about our days in Bryan/College Station. Bill marched all over the country with the Aggie band. He was the longtime store manager at Beall’s on MacArthur.*****Congrats to Ross and Nelda Burns on their 70th wedding anniversary. They were wed April 12, 1947, in Simpson, LA. That’s not a record but it’s a darn good average. That’s a normal life expectancy.  Best wishes. May all your years be good ones. See announcement in this issue.*****With the hot weather and humidity on its way, the South winds will bring many “Skeeters.” They are already arriving. You can be mosquito free by calling Pestco. I’ve already called Donna and made arrangements for spraying. I won’t have to fight “Skeeter” bites all summer. It cost very little for a lot f benefit and outdoor pleasure. “****A few folks we known celebrating birthdays in the next few days. April 12: The Civil War started on this day in 1861 and ended June 22, 1865. Pretty Angie’s longtime husband, Don Breaux, celebrates another birthday today. Also BCISD nurse Jaclyn James Phillips, Amanda Toups, Dora Ogden and Roy Mazzagate III. This also would have been the birthday of our late friend Cal Broussard. Celebrities celebrating on this day are actors Trinitee Stokes, 10 and Jennifer Morrison, 37, rock singer Brendon Unie, 29.*****April 13: Lee’s bride Connie Angelle, who gave birth to some great athletes celebrates today as does longtime friends Jo Ann Collins, Bruce Peveto, Gene Bellard and Kaylin Abshire. Celebrating also are rapper Ty Dolla Sign, 31, Jessica Vanessa, 24, pop singer Liam Attridge, 17.*****April 14: Stephen Gault, Twin Lakes owner, celebrates today. Nurse Practicioner Reatha Bradberry also celebrates. I understand Reatha opened a clinic in Jasper. Joining them are Sam “Sambo” Carpenter, Jr., Coach Phillip Elmore and Tiffani Thompson. Celebrities celebrating today are drummer Ellington Ratliff, 23, actors Abigail Breslin, 20, Peter Capaldi, 58, and Chris Wood, 28.*****April 15: Linda Claybar celebrates today as does Patrick “Pat” Cook, Debbie Aarons and Shani Lawson. Joining them are actors Emma Watson, 26 and Cody Christian, 21.*****April 16: Today is Easter Sunday and celebrating on this day are Kirby Ridley Cruse, Judy Pittman, Betty Foreman and Marie Duett. Also celebrating are actors Liliana Mumy, 22, dancer Jan Eastwood, 23 and YouTube star Karlie Redd, 28.*****April 17: Pretty Marla Zoch, BCISD band member and Fred’s bride, celebrates a birthday today Janice Todora, Ronnie Haymon, Cheryl Puntes, Kaylie Byrd, Steve Evans and Natalie Miller. Also pop singers Victoria Beckham, 42 and Avi Kaplan, 27, “Family Member” stars Devan Key, 18 and Ryland Lynch, 19 *****April 18: Magan Waguespack, Grant Mott and Emily Gilson all have birthdays on this day. Joining them are reality star Kourtney Kardashian, 27, actor David Tennant, 45 and singer Nathan Sykes, 23.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at J.B.’s Barbeque this week and at Robert’s next week. Judge Carl Thibodeaux came off the golf course last week long enough to visit his friends. Everyone always welcome.


Da large family of Naville Badeaux gathered to celebrate da old man’s 90th birtday. Badeaux him, all his life, has been a jokester. He pulled a lot of shenanigans on his grandkids but lately his mind was slipping wit old timers. His oldest grandson Nolton is a lot like Grandpaw Naville at playing jokes. Along wit some of da utta teenagers he put two Viagra tablets into Grandpaw’s drink at lunch. Soon after da old man excused himself saying he had to go to da bashroom him. Wen he returned his trousers were all wet.

“Wat happen Nolton axe. “You got your pants all wet you.”

“Well, Naville answer, “I don’t really know me. I had to go to da bashroom real bad so I took it out and started to pee but den I saw me dat it wasn’t mine so I put it back.”



The first newspaper was published in 1870.***The first artesian water was discovered in 1902 or 1903.***The first logs to be delivered by rail came over the Orange and Northwestern in 1903.***The first express company to establish an office was the Wells Fargo Express.***The first shell used on the streets came from Conway Bayou in 1902.***The streets were first named in 1902.***The first telegraph and telephone company was the Southwest Company.***The first automobile owned in Orange was a Ford. “The Red Devil,” bought in New Orleans by Dr. E.W. Brown in 1902.***The first Notary Public to qualify in Orange was A.H. Reading.***John Burton was the first man to own and operate a cotton gin near Orange. He also owned and operated the first syrup mill, made by Daniel Harmon, and cut the first ditch that shortened the distance from Orange to the mouth of the Sabine by five miles, known as the ‘Cut Off.”***Orange had the first cold spell on record in 1821. It was so cold that Sabine Lake and even Galveston Bay were frozen hard enough for a bear to walk on.***John Harmon is supposed to have been the first white man in the county to obtain a Spanish grant of land.***The first section of the sewer system was laid on Green Avenue in 1902.***The first X-ray machine was installed in the office of Dr. S.W. Sholars in 1904.***Orange had its first telephone directory in 1910.***The first stockmen to introduce Brahma cattle in the county were John Turper and John C. Bland.***The Texas Company put its first filling station here in 1907. T.C. Ford was their agent.*****My time is up, thanks for yours. Please read us cover to cover and Easter shop our family of advertisers. Have a great Easter. Take care and God bless.