On Tuesday afternoon, about 1:00 p.m., an alligator was spotted in the retention pond at the City of Pinehurst water/sewer plant by City Administrator Robbie Hood.  That in and of itself is not surprising but it became a problem when the gator lost his fear of humans and did not flee when approached.  Texas Parks and Wildlife was notified and referred city officials to Gary Saurage who is certified to deal with nuisance animals such as this one.  Gary quickly sent his people to the location and they were able to apprehend the alligator.  The alligator was removed and brought to a state approved facility.  The alligator, seen sitting on the bank of the retention pond  may not be the one captured as it appears to be bigger in stature so City of Pinehurst workers will be taking extra precautions until all alligators are located and removed.  Incidentally, the “gator hunters” arrived shortly after capturing another gator from an unknown location.  That gator was waiting patiently in the back seat of their truck.  If you see an alligator, in a populated area and are concerned about its presence, you should contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at (281)842-0100.

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