Orange, Texas, April 17, 2017—Orangefield ISD was awarded a $19,180 cash incentive from the Entergy Solutions Program for energy efficiency upgrades.

The Entergy Solutions Program helps organizations save energy and money by providing no-cost facility improvement recommendations and financial incentives based on energy savings. Orangefield ISD was able to streamline their HVAC and control upgrades by partnering with the “no-cost” Entergy Solutions Program.

Orangefield ISD Superintendent, Dr. Patterson said, “The program staff’s technical expertise guided us throughout the process, ensuring that we achieved maximum energy savings and all equipment functioned correctly.”

The high-efficiency upgrades will save 853,079 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equal to eliminating the carbon dioxide emissions from 67,482 gallons of gasoline, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations. “We’re proud to serve as an energy-efficient role model in the community,” Patterson said.

“We provide a needed service through the implementation of practical changes that result in annual savings year after year. That way, our customers can spend the money saved through the program where their district needs it most,” said Phillip Lanier, Entergy Texas energy efficiency program administrator.

“This project and the benefits are a huge win for students, staff, and community. Our students and teachers receive better lighting, and climate controlled classrooms. Our tax payers gain the benefit of a decreased electric bill. The money saved in electrical costs is ultimately used to the benefit the children of our community. This is a blessing any way you look at it,” Patterson said. “Thank you to Entergy for providing a program that reduces the costs of electrical improvements while providing savings payouts such as these.”