The rains we needed badly came in bunches. Hopefully we are in for a few days of dry, sunny weather that will help our gardens. Let me tell you what’s coming next weekend, it’s the “Skeeters.” If you are planning outdoor activities at your place in the next few weeks, you‘d best call Donna at Pestco. They will send Tony out to spray and guarantee that you will have several weeks of mosquito free days. *****I’ve really fallen behind and not very organized. With a deadline just a few hours away I’d best be going. Come along, I promise it won’t do you o harm.


May 31, 2017, is a day I’ll always remember. It’s the day our friend Pearl Burgess went away. She had brought us so much joy over the years. Just knowing this great lady was such a treat. She passed away at age 96. She was different than anyone I had ever known. She was extremely witty and very talented. Like an artist, if she could see it, she could build it. Often on trips with her husband Billy, she would spot an item that sold for good money, draw a sketch and come home and as she would often say, “Make it better.” Unlike many elderly people whose minds fade away, Pearl never lost her sharpness. We called on her many times for her help on stories. She was a small package but she was a giant in so many other ways. She was a person of true character, always pleasant, she met everyone with her beautiful smile. She didn’t have a racial bone in her body. I was always impressed how astute she was at her age about government, from the court house to the White House. She once told me that she didn’t recall ever failing to vote since reaching voting age. Pearl never complained about anything, not even after breaking a knee, or even breaking a hip. She’d say, “Oh, it’s just a little discomfort.” Many of her friends were unaware that she had, for over a dozen years, battled and incurable illness that she took regular shots and blood transfusions for. Talking to Pearl one would never know she had such an illness. I last spoke with her on Friday before her passing on Wednesday. I told her my last goodbyes, and thanked her for being such a good friend. One of Ms. Pearl’s last acts before she passed away in her sleep was to write her farewell poem that we are publishing, like so many more before. Pearl’s in Heaven now. Thanks to the help of daughter Beverly and son-in-law Jody, along with many caring friends, going away wasn’t that bad. She had great care, lived a good life and she was ready. Sunday, June 4, we held her final service at McDonald Baptist, the church she loved. The choir sang beautiful songs in her honor. We lost a special person and all of us here at The Record will miss her beautiful smile and always cheerful personality. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary and her final poem.


10 Years Ago-2007

Judge Pat and Rosalie Clark welcomed the birth of their seventh grandchild, Abigail Elizabeth Clark. The little one arrived Monday, June 11, in Houston. The little beauty clocked in at 7 pounds, 1 ounce and was 19 inches tall. She is the fourth child of Pat Jr. and Rachel. They have one set of twins. Pat Jr.’s mom, Rosalie is also a twin with sister Mary Ann so the tradition continues. (Editor’s note: Mary Ann passed away last year. A big loss to her twin sister and everyone who knew this fine lady.)*****Joe Chenella was named Interim BCISD Superintendent for the third time at Bridge City while waiting for a permanent superintendent to be hired.*****Johnny Montagne landed in the hospital with extremely high fever. Until they could determine the cause they gave him medication, which instead of helping fed the problem. A form of pneumonia from a rare bacteria was diagnosed, (crawfish heads). Bobby Cormier says he believes Johnny got ‘Freon poisoning.’ Bobby says you get it from sitting under the air conditioner too long without moving to exercise your lungs.*****’Rags to Riches’ wins Belmont. She is the first filly to win a Triple Crown race in 102 years.*****The Sopranos, the HBO since 1999, with 89 episodes, ended Sunday.*****Harry Hubbard, longtime union boss, passed away June 7, at age 82. He helped many people in our area. He served as president of Texas AFL-CIO for 16 years, starting in 1973.*****A lot of folks are complaining about the mosquitoes being bad. Kill all the females, they are the only ones that bite. They must have a blood meal to lay eggs. The boys aren’t bitters.*****Orangefield High School class of 1962 has a class reunion. Eleven members were in attendance Saturday. They were Mary Dehart Nixon, Linda Stephenson Lawson, Rita Laughlin, Lynell Peveto Carpenter, Carole Cappen Malmberg, Levonia Sailes Hughes, Bobby Morris
Water. Bem Cameron, Jacl Jordan. James Owens
and Glen Robinson. In all about 150 former Bobcats gathered.*****Dickie Colburn interviews new Bridge
City High School Athletic Director Chris Stump, for The Record. The Stumps were already living in Bridge City when he was hired. His wife, Rebecca and three daughters, , the oldest, 14 year old Maggie, Kylie, a sixth grader and Allie, who is in kindergarten and four year old son Connor.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Virgie M. Watson Berwick, 90, of Bridge City, died June 7.  Funeral service was Sunday, June 10. She lived in Bridge City 51 years and was a wonderful mother, homemaker, cook and friend. She enjoyed Cajun cooking. and shared many of her favorite recipes in articles published weekly by the Penny Record, entitled “MaMaw’s Cajun Cuisine.” She is survived by sons, Donald and David, daughter Rebecca A. Belcher, 10 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren, sisters Hilda and Ethel and several nieces and nephews.*****Alice Doucet Broussard, 80, died, Sunday, June 10. Funeral Services were held Wednesday, June 13. Alice was a housewife and loved to garden and tend to her flowers. She also loved to cook. She is survived by her daughters; Leana Broussard, and Yvonne  Toohey, three grandchildren; Susan and husband William Mohan, Glenn and wife Betty Childers, and Sharron and husband Speedy Stakes and ten great-grandchildren.***** Christina Sterling Guerra, 37, of Pinehurst, passed away Saturday June 2. 2007 She was a life long resident of the Orange area with a love for fishing. She is survived by her husband Fredis Guerra, son Sergio Antonio Chicas and daughter Christian Noel McClain, brother Roger Wade Sharpless, twin sister, Christine Lee Aktins, and sisters Naomi, Judith, Sherry, Rhonda, Patricia,, Edna, and Georgette.***** Carolyn Jean Chance Brones Martin, 54, died, Monday, June 4, 2007. A Graveside Service was Thursday, June 7. Carolyn is survived by her mother, Gladis Chance, daughter, Stacy Woodward, son, Kenneth Brones, Jr., five grandchildren, sister, Gloria Phillips, brothers, Weldon Chance, Robert Chance and multiple nieces and nephews.

40 Years Ago-1977

Barry Weisman is giving up the bachelor’s life to take a bride on July 2. He and beautiful, talented Christie Aleene Jefferson will tie the knot (Editor’s note: I don’t believe the knot held). *****Buddy Moore writes in his Kountze News that judge Grover Halliburton, of Orange, is Hardin County’s claim to fame. He’s originally from Village Mills. Grover used to pitch washers in downtown Kountze streets. One day he conned a beautiful girl into going crawfishing with him. Sue went for the bait and ended up being his wife (Editor’s note: Grover passed away several years-ago. He and Sue were married for many years). *****Liz Hatton, a true doll, reaches a milestone this week. She reaches the ripe old age of 21. *****A lovely lady, Rena Vellion, Harry’s better half, is now out of the hospital after having back problems. *****Flo Edgerly’s mother was in ICU following a stroke last weekend. She is showing some improvement. *****Bill Lapeyrolerie turns 15 this week. *****Some of the leaders in the Bridge City B&PW are Juliet Patton, Jeanne Wood, Eva Hryhorchuck, Lennie Rutledge, Claudine Hogan, Helen Roberts, Sherri Cook, Angelina Garza, Pat Christian, Kate Mulhollan and Jessie Hebert. *****Our songwriter buddy Don Jacobs has come up with some song titles and just needs a little help to write the songs. Here are some of his titles. ‘My Old Flame is Burning Another Honky-tonk Down,’ ‘Not Tonight, My Headache is Back,’ ‘Early to Bed and Early to Rise and You’ll never Have Red in the Whites of Your Eyes,’ ‘Old Age is an Attic Where Grownups Play With Broken Toys.’ You get the idea of Jacobs imagination. *****On June 23, at the Rotary banquet, H.D. Pate will replace Roy Dunn as president of the Bridge City Rotary Club. *****Kim Bryant, Bridge City baseball standout, will play for the South in the state All Star Game, held in the Astrodome on June 25. *****Bobby Tarter caught a Spanish mackerel that broke the old state record of 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Bobby’s Gulf catch was 8 pounds, 12 ounces. 


Forty-nine years ago, on June 6, 1968, Sen. Robert Kennedy, while running for United States president, died. He was shot the day before in a hotel kitchen in Los Angles by Sirhan B. Sirhan. A couple of weeks later my partner and I visited the exact spot at the podium where Kennedy had just finished speaking and walked through the kitchen where Sirhan waited to shoot him.*****Also, 75 years ago this week, on June 6, 1944, during World War II, allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. It became known as “D-Day.” Over the years I have met several soldiers who made that landing that started the liberation of Western Europe from German occupation. “D-Day” is an important day for the world.*****At this point it looks like Golden State’s Curry and Durant might be too much for Cleveland’s LeBron James to handle. The Cavaliers are two games down but at least they are coming home. The winning spread of the first two games is scary if you are a Cleveland fan.*****Judge Joe Parkhurst is a happy camper today. The baseball team that got him an education at Sam Houston years ago, has this year, advanced in the National playoffs by beating Chad Landry’s Texas Tech’s Raiders 4-3. Chad and Joe were both lefties.****Glad to see our buddy, Robert Rameriz, cattle rancher, grocery and meat market operator and owner of Robert’s Restaurant, is doing well after cancer surgery in Houston five weeks ago. Robert has always looked younger than his age and this hasn’t changed that. Robert is a good guy and is just looking forward to the next calf being born.*****We hit the Jackpot last week. Nelda and Owen Burton dropped off some tomatoes from the Burton Tomato Patch. We shared them. Then Judge Derry Dunn brought five nice, big, juicy tomatoes. He grows beautiful ‘Matoes.’ I didn’t share those. Thanks guys, sorry I missed the Burton’s. I haven’t seen them in some time.*****Our friend, Mark Brinson, received an award for being named one of the best auto mechanics in the country. Mark has been employed by Mid-County Chrysler-Dodge but on June 16, he will report to work fulltime at Bridge City Auto Repair where he shares ownership with Bryan Boltz. Mark is a good guy.  His grandmother in Bridge City will swear to that.*****Former David Self Tractor is under new ownership and has a new name, J-5 Tractors. Our friend George Holder still runs the place with the same great staff. They have great bargains. Tell George we sent you.*****We were pleased to have our friend John Heard stop in for a visit. John served as one of Ms. Pearl’s pallbearers. They say when an elderly person dies, it’s like a library burning down. That’s certainly the case with Ms. Burgess.*****I was sorry to hear that Art Spencer, 88, from Port Arthur, died June 5. Art was one of the finest guys I’ve known down this long trail.*****Everyone is waiting for fired FBI Director James Comey, to testify on Thursday. Trump will do everything to discredit him. The new poll ratings out Monday show Trump has just a 36% approval rating. He’s in a hole and he just keeps digging. It should be an interesting next few days.***** A few folks we know who are celebrating their birthdays this week. June 7:  Our friend Shirley Zimmerman celebrates today as does her only grandchild. Billy Frank Bradberry, Logan Smith, Ashley LaRose and Richard Granger all celebrate on this day also. Celebrities having birthdays on this day are singer Tom Jones, who will be 64, Vice-President Mike Penice, 57, and actor Liam Neeson, 64.*****June 8: Walter Riedel, recently retired from the Stark Foundaton,  celebrates a birthday today. So does Shon Jones, Crystal Wells, Tana Hightower and Audrey Reynolds. They are joined by former First Lady Barbara Bush, will turn 91, TV actress Julianna Margulies, 50 and singer Nancy Sinatra, 76.*****June 9: Dennis Monk, from OCSO is a year older today. Also celebrating are Karli Choate, Debbie Vidrine, Deane Moran and Elizabeth Bardield. Also a year older are movie actors Johnny Depp, 53, Michael J. Fox, 55, and Natalie Portman, 35 and religious leader T. J. Jakes, 59.*****June 10: Jennifer Roberts, Chris Riedel, Caroline Hennigan and Chrisleigh Longlois all celebrate today. They are joined by England’s Prince Phillip, who will be 95, country singer  Lee Brice, 37 and Elizabeth Hurley, 51.*****June 11: Judge Mandy White Rogers celebrates today as does our friend at Bridge City CVS Debbie Dailey and Harold Adkins, Dorothy Breaux and Jane Minor. Joining them are former footballer player Joe Montana, 60, actors Hugh Laurie, 57 and Clair Holt, 28.*****June 12: Wesley’s beautiful wife, Ronda Dishon celebrates today but doesn’t look a year older. Also lovely Desiree Russell has a birthday, along with pretty Candice Steele, Pam Williams, Caitlyn Villanoueva, Kaaren Kline and Jesse Walles. Celebrities celebrating birthdays today are former US President George H. Bush, 92, and country singer Chris Young, 31.*****June 13: Celebrating today are Shawna Gauthier, Sidney White, Desia Davis, Susan Fischer and Tammy Droddy. They are joined by twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who turn 30 and TV actor Tim Allan, 63.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s this week and back at Robert’s next. Everyone always welcome.


While grabbing a sandwish at Robbie’s Café in Abbeville last week, I overheard Minos Premeaux and Otto Comeaux talking. Premeaux was telling Comeaux dat next week, he was going into da hospital to have a circumcision, him.

“Oh no,” Minos, you don’t want to do dat no.”

Premeaux, axe Comeaux, “Why you say dat hanh?”

Comeaux answer, “Well, it’s like dis, wen I was a baby dey did dat to me and I couldn’t walk for a year me.”


85 Years Ago-1922

Just for kicks, let’s see what was happening in 1922. Eight buses carried workers from Orange to the oilfields. Oilmen crowded local hotels. The Holland Hotel used cots in the lobby. The population of the city of Orange jumped from 10,000 to over 20,000 overnight. General John Pershing traveled in a special car to inspect the Orange oilfield. Sheriff Helton built a special jail just for the oilfield. The first plank was set for the Orange oilfield plank road, to be built. The Orange Oilfield received worldwide fame. ***** Orange was warned to watch for arrivals, by boxcars, from the Mexia oilfields. Gov. Neff declared Martial Law on Mexia. The outlaws were expected at the Orange oilfield when it was discovered that several hundred railroad tickets were purchased from Mexia to Orange. The Orange oilfield boom was in full swing. One of the colorful men that became rich overnight was Oscar Chesson. The owner of a 46-acre track turned down a half-million dollars for his land. He turned down the offer because he had two sick pigs and he didn’t want to clear out 15 goats. ‘The Wonder Well,’ Humbel’s Chesson #5, produces 15,000 barrels of oil a day. His income was $3,000 a day. Meanwhile, Sheriff Helton denied that a request for Texas Rangers, made by County Attorney R. Lee Davis and Sol White, were needed. Helton said he needed more cooperation and less critcism. Sheriff Helton allegedly gave Davis a tongue lashing. Davis filed a complaint against the Sheriff for abusive language. That brought charges against Davis that the county attorney had accepted $7 from Charles Luke for dismissing a case. He challenged Davis to refute the statement. Davis did by asking everyone to read the Twenty-Eighth Psalm of the Holy Bible. (Editor’s note: Those were interesting and colorful times when ‘Black Gold’ was discovered at the Orange oilfield.)***** Meanwhile, Rev. Billy Sunday staged a bout with the Devil in Orange County.***** Branch Richey and his St. Louis Cardinals held a week of spring training in Orange.***** Bread prices dropped from seven cents a loaf to a nickel.***** Please shop with the good folks who bring you this newspaper every week. Also check us out on the web at I don’t know how well I’ve done, but I’m all done in. Take care and God bless.