Since Obama and the Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act Republicans have won the White House and full control of the congress. For seven years their promise to the voters was to repeal and replace Obamacare. Trump, the self-declared ‘great deal maker,’ promised a better health care package that would become law right away. The main reason for repealing Obamacare was to rob nearly $1 trillion dollars from the Medicaid program to give tax breaks to the super rich. If a good workable health bill ever comes to pass, it will be Republican and Democrats working together to improve Obamacare or making a fresh start together. It’s always better to have divided government, with at least one branch from the other party, forcing members to work together. A change may be coming in 2018. For now, the problem is the budget and finding the money for the big tax breaks. Forget health care, it’s dead, move on to a plate full of issues that have yet to be resolved, like finding the money to keep the country afloat. It’s a rocky road ahead.*****I’d best get on down the road. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Thursday will mark Trump’s first six months in office. He had promised many accomplishments on day one. The President is still in search of his first major legislative victory. Never before has any president not been able to pass and sign at least one bill. His first six months have been a disaster and the next six months could well be worse. An ABC News Washington Post poll, released Sunday, showed Trump’s record lows got even worse. His 36% approval-58% disapproval rating is the lowest for any president at six months in the 70 year history of polling. Leon Panetta said, “It’s a presidency under siege. Unless some dramatic changes are made, I think there’s a real question about whether the presidency can survive.” I wrote way back in the GOP Primary that if Trump was nominated, he would wreck the Republican Party. Later I said if Trump was elected it would be four years of chaos and misrepresentation. The guy, for all of his adult life, has been a good con man. I heard a congressman say, “Trump is as crazy as a fox.” What he failed to mention is that when it comes to government, he’s as dumb as a rock. As for Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with the Russians, that’s not going away. Real evidence is coming forward that just can’t be ignored. It’s a little unbelievable that neither the son or son-in-law ever said a word to dad about this big meeting,. especially when Trump had boosted he would release news of Hillary’s Russian connection. He knew something was coming from somewhere. Trump’s campaign racked up more than $677,000 in legal consulting fees between April and June and $249,000 before that. Now $90,000 has been paid to represent the younger Trump, using donor money to pay legal bills and that’s just the beginning. Critics, allies and historians are watching the clock with only three and a half more years in office. The first year or so is when campaign promises are met and legislation is passed, after that congressmen and senators are home trying to save their jobs. I see the remainder of Trump’s term as a disaster and on the world front scary.  Trump will continue to play to his base, who buys whatever he sells. To the rest of us he’ll continue to lie about how great things are going while this great country he inherited drops into a hell hole of one disaster after another. The chaos and controversy will continue because Trump and his band of armatures just can’t shoot straight. That New York liberal has conned not only the conservatives but also the religious right. His love for Putin will not fade. One thing Trump is crazy as a fox about is that he knows the bottom line and how to get there.


10 Years Ago-2007

Plans for a 76 unit apartment complex, Cypresswood Crossing, will begin after the city of Orange issues a building permit. Developer Ike Akbari has expanded a master plan for the site off Hwy. 87 South, near Hwy. 105, which includes a shopping center and 300 houses. The land is in Orange and in the Bridge City School District. (Editor’s note: Ike has since died but the subdivision has grown although there has been no further talk of a shopping center.)*****The county is faced with paying for indigent care for the first time in 20 years. In the 1980’s, when James Stringer was Orange County judge, he faced a mandate from the state for the county to provide indigent care. He and members of the court sold the county-owned hospital in exchange for 20 years of indigent care. In March the sale contract will expire. “We’re back where we were 20 years ago, faced with having to go back to the citizens to tax them for indigent care,” Stringer, now county commissioner, said.” (Editor’s note: Today, the county doesn’t have a hospital.)*****United States Army Staff Sergeant George Cruse will leave his unit in the Third Infantry Division in Iraq for a two week visit to his Bridge City home.  The son of George Jr. and Kirby Cruse will make a stop in Atlanta to pick up his girl friend Cameron Cross and bring her to meet his parents and brother, Justin. (Editor’s note: I haven’t visited with his dad George lately but last I heard George III was still in the Army and married to pretty Cameron. Don’t know about children, etc.)****On July 17, our friend and co-worker A.J. Broussard passed away. A longtime employee of The Record Newspapers, he also was the creator of the Cajun cartoon Myree and Batie, featured weekly in the Record.  The funny little couple died when A.J. passed away. Raised as what he called ‘a Riverside Rat’ he and his brother Louis Dugas delivered telegrams during the war. On July 27, service was held for Alton Joseph Broussard, Jr., born Sept. 6, 1936. Speaking at his funeral were Rev. Glenn Landry, his cousin Rev. David Logan, and longtime friend Roy Dunn. (Editor’s note: A.J.’s siblings, living ten years ago were Vivian Dorman, Margaret Conway and Richard Broussard. Today I believe Richard is the only survivor of that great family.*****Ms. Lilly Blanda, 104, passed away. Service was held July 21. She was the widow of the late Joe Blanda. *****Media mogul Rupert Murdock is pursuing a $5 billion take over bid of the Wall Street Journal. Murdock claims it’s not conservative enough. He owns Fox News, that is nearly John Bircher conservative. (Editor’s note: Here’s a guy that is keeping Donald Trump afloat. If Rupert ever turns on him he’s a goner. The Hannity show is the Trump hour and not much better with the others except for Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace.)*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Ashley Nicole Bland Guillory, 18, of Orange, died Saturday, July 21, 2007. Funeral service will be at 3 p.m., Wednesday, July 25. She is survived by her husband, Jeremy E. Guillory, daughter Jalynn Rose Guillory, parents, Roxanna Blanchard and Michael Bland, stepfather George Taylor; grandmother, Shelia Crockett, great grandmother, Gertie Crockett; brothers, Corey Michael Bland and Christopher Bland, aunts Tricia Blanchard and Sheryl Armstrong.*****Ann Lee Lyons, 75, of Bridge City, died Saturday, July 21. Funeral services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday, July 24. Ann Lee was a homemaker and had also worked as a dispatcher for the Pinehurst Police Department and a supervisor for Liberty TCI Cable. She is survived by her husband of 56 years, Clifford Leon Lyons, daughters, Betty Ann Hogden, Donna Robinson and Marjorie Dumbaugh, son, Al Lyons, 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.***** Donna Vercher, 49, a lifelong resident of Orange, died, Tuesday, July, 17. Funeral services were Thursday, July 19. She is survived by her husband, Don Vercher, her mother Laverne Alleman, daughters Elya Arnold, Krista Becker and Brandye Bishop, grandchildren; Hayden Arnold, Khristopher Taylor II, and Trinity Taylor.***** Elizabeth A. “Tootie” McBride, 73, of Orange, died Monday, July 16. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at 10:30 a.m. Thursday, July 19. A resident of Orange for the past 47 years, She is survived by her husband of 51 years, Stronnie S. McBride, daughters, Karen McBride, Lisa McBride and grandchildren, Beth Mooneyham, Laura Kovatch, Heather Olsen, Eric S. Olsen; and great grandchildren, Logan Michal and Taylynn Alexis Olsen. 

40 Years Ago-1977

Orange Stars capture softball championship. Players are Mike Granger, Corky Carr, Glenn Aldridge, Mike Bishop, Chuck Floyd, Wayne Franklin, Gary Franklin, Robin Carey, Bobby Allen, Randall Murphy, David Riddling, David Kirby, Joe Luna and Mike Kelly. Bat boys are Chuck Floyd, jr., Chad Carr and Mike Kirby.*****Holly’s Family Café, formerly Grande Courts, is now open at a new location. Price for breakfast special of two eggs, toast, grits or hash browns and coffee is 89 cents. Working Man’s lunch, $1.95. Sunday special, 10 oz. T-bone steak, $2.35.*****Grand opening held at Orange Bowl Seafood Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge. The Bowl is open 24-hours a day serving all the catfish you can eat, $2.95. Happy hour in the Golden Room, 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., all drinks half price.*****Homer Flanagen, Harmon Chevrolet’s truck sales manager, completes truck marketing institute of Carpinteria, Califormia. He has eight years of experience in truck sales. Harmon vice-president Corky Harmon says, “Homer is a truck specialist, he matches trucks to demands.***** Specials at Danny’s Food Center, ground beef, 68 cents pound, bacon, 89 cents pound pack, bananas, 4 pounds $1, Delta bathroom tissue, 4 roll pack, 69 cents, Godchaux prue cane sugar, 5 pound bag, 88 cents, young, tender calf liver, 59 cents pound.*****Former coach Neil Morgan has opened the Shirt and Hat on Texas Ave. in Bridge City. It’s part of a custom T-shirt and cap store.*****Gary Savoy is the new manager of Orange Mobile Home Sales at 2311 MacArthur, formerly Wards.*****’Looks Like We Made It,’ by Barry Manilow, is number one top single. ‘Rumours,’ by Fleetwood Mac, number one top album,. Number one country single is ‘It’s Almost Like A song,’ Ronnie Milsap. Number one easy listening, ‘It’s Sad To Belong,’ England Dan and John Ford Coley. Number one soul single, ‘Best of My Love,’ by The Emotions.*****Jim Dugas, of The Sport’s Den, announces that the former barber shop will now have complete beauty care styling by Sue Welch. Bo Bland is a barber at the 1018 N. 16th St. location.


We hear that former Baylor catcher, Matt Menard, is back at home in Bridge City and has a job in Beaumont. Matt was working in Dallas before he was called back to play for one more season for the Bears which he just completed.*****O.J. Simpson has been in a Nevada prison for nearly nine years and is now eligible for parole Thursday. Four board members will consider parole for Simpson in proceedings starting at 1 p.m. ET. O.J., who is 70, will participate by video conference. My guess is different than many of my friends. I believe he is going to get parole and be out of prison by October. I have felt from the beginning, that he had a right to recover his belongings from those who had stolen them from him. I think he was set up. As for the murders of wife Nicole and Ron Goldman, there no doubt in my mind that he killed them. That is partly why the jury gave him nine to 33 years for trying to recover his own belongings.*****Here’s something that we enjoyed over the last week. We had a great visit from our children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, who had come from all over the country. Ms. Phyl served her great Cajun food, even smothered okra that was donated by Neighbor Cox. By Saturday it was time for the best barbeque in Texas. That was easy. Jarred at JB’s Barbeque, fixed up a 14-hour, smoked brisket and tender ribs. The adults said they had eaten barbeque all over the country but none beat JB’s.  They were so crazy about the sauce, which seems a lot like Charlie Sprotts famous sauce. The recipe is kin I bet. Now they are bringing jars of sauce home to far away place. Spreading the love of JB.*****Speaking of JB’s, the Lunch Bunch will gather there this week and back at Robert’s next week. Everyone always welcome.*****People are still talking about attending the late Jimmy Scales visitation and funeral service. Ninety-year-old J.B. Arrington said he’s attended many but the gathering at the visitation and funeral was the largest amount of people he had witnessed. I hear 1,200 people made it to the visitation alone. Donna, who married Jimmy at age 19, when she left her parents home, said for the first time in her life she’s on her own.*****A few folks we know celebrating birthdates and other events in the next few days. July 19: Everyone’s friend, the most community active person I know, Pam Scales Crews Honeycutt, celebrates her birthday today. So does pretty Paige Williams, Kurt Moerbe, Preston Wayne Sullivan and the lovely Robin Thibodeaux. This also would have been the birthday of the late Michael Hoke. Celebrating also are country singer Tim Foust, 35, MMA fighter Jon Jones, 29 and actress Ginifer King, 38.*****July 20: Charlie Hunt our friend at Bridge Point celebrates today. Also Rebecca Toal, Megan Stephson, Kenyettia Foster and Amanda Stephson.  Joining them in celebration are dancer, Julianne Hough, 28, guitarist Carlos Santana, 69 and basketball player Ray Allen, 41.*****July 21: Sandra Bickman from 5-Point Credit Union, Amiel Leleux, Danika Dubose and Summer Stephson. Celebrating birthdays on this day are singer Cat Stevens, 68, basketball player DeAndre Jordayb, 28 and actress Juno Temple, 27.*****July 22: Legal assistant Lori Fredrick, celebrates today as does Triumph Church pastor Renee Clark, and our longtime buddy Jeff Anderson. Celebrities having birthdays on this day singer Selena Gomez, 24, actors Danny Glover, 70 and William Dafoe, 61. Brown and Linda Claybar celebrate an anniversary today. Also on this day in 2015, our young friend Daryl King died.*****July 23:  Celebrating today are Travis Estes, Linda Brinson, Albert Bates and Jim Reves. T.W. and Lynda Permenter celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary. Joining in birthday celebrations are guitarist Slash, 51, actor Woody harrelson, 55 and basketball player Gary Payton, 48.****July 24: Our buddy, a big Astro fan and ‘Girl Friday’ at Harry’s Appliance, Margie Stephens celebrates a birthday today. So does Chassadi Decker, Lee Harris, Madge Fontenot and Judy Batchelor. Joining them are singer Jennifer Lopez, 47 and baseball player Barry Bonds.*****July 25: Today is Ryan Kimbrough’s birthday celebrating also is Allison Leleux, Larry Wingate, Misty Cappel, Marsha Brown and Marie Burns. Sixty years ago Loretta married Jerry Hughes. Happy anniversary. Also 67 years ago, in 1950, the Korean War started. They are joined by actor Matt LeBlanc, 49 and chef Geoffrey Zakarian, 57.*****All my life I’ve heard of Nepotism having to do with many different things. Lately it’s in the news because President Trump has given his 36 year old son-in-law and daughter front row seats in his government. The term Nepotism comes from the Latin root for nephew. Its origins are traced to the middle age practice of Catholic Popes giving high-ranking positions to their nephews, later found to be unethical and unwise. Nepotism puts loyalty over capability. It’s been found that ‘nephews’ tend to do a poor job and make for bigger scandals and a greater impact on those they serve. Nepotism often end badly.*****In case you haven’t heard, PK’s Grill closed its doors Saturday. The owners purchased a Shipley Donut franchise in Lake Charles. Tammy, the lovable waitress, will now be working for Van Choate at Tuffy’s. *****The folks at J-5 Tractors, in Buna, are really making some rock bottom deals on Mahindra’s. See my cousin George Holder, tell him we sent you.*****Norman Barry stopped by this week. He said most of the old KKK gang at Kroger’s have moved on to ‘Heaven.’ Norman and a couple of the guys are now having early morning coffee at Danny’s. Mrs. Barry, Norman’s mom, is 97 years young and now a resident at the Meadows on Hwy. 105.


Sostan Comeaux was getting plastered out of his mind at Tee-Boy’s Bar and Grill, really drinking heavy him. Tee-Boy saw dat and he went over and sit next to Sostan and axe him wat was wrong, why you get drunk like dat hanh?”

Sostan say, “Tee-Boy, my wife her run off wit my best friend Clovis.” Wit tears running down his cheeks he took anutter big drink of beer and said, “I miss Clovis me, so much, I can’t stand it.”


Chances of Dreamer Protections in Jeopardy.

Homeland Security secretary, John Kelly, warned the Hispanic caucus last week that the program to protect Dreamers is in jeopardy if 10 Republican states follow through on threats to mount legal challenges to the program by September. The deferred action for childhood arrivals program DACA allowed undocumented immigrants brought to the USA as children to stay providing they don’t commit any disqualifying crimes. President Barack Obama’s program has protected 800,000 young immigrants from deportation. The fate of the law is in the hands of a conservative judge in Texas, a Republican controlled appeals court in Louisiana and the conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court. Kelly said he is sympathetic to the plight of the DREAMERS and would like congress to pass a law permanently protecting them. That is highly unlikely with Republicans in control of both the congress and the senate. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton, who himself is facing felony charges is leading a drive with other states to challenge DACA. Joining Texas are Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia. Trump said after the campaign was over that he would treat DREAMERS, ‘with great heart” and allow the program to continue. Advocates accused Kelly of playing along with Trump’s agenda to deport millions and pretending to not understand his powers to do something about it. Many of the children came over as babies; others started school in the United States and are now in high school. Most do not know any other home but the U.S. Republicans want them out of here before they get voting age. That’s the bottom line.*****I gotta get out of here. Thanks for your time. Please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.