Attorney General Jeff Sessions has done virtually everything Trump wanted, except protect the boss from a special counsel investigation. Trump, undercutting one of his earliest and most faithful supporters, means he’s motivated by more, like trying to squeeze the AG out as part of the strategy to take control over the Russian inquiry. Sesssions removal would allow Trump to pick an attorney gereral nominee that would take control of the investigation from special counsel Robert Muller. Trump is most concerned that Muller now has in his control Trump’s tax returns and trump family business ties. Believe me, Trump is scared. If, for example he laundered some Russian money or worse. Trump, like Putin his buddy in Russia, would also like to appoint and confirm an FBI Director that would report directly to him, like the KGB boss does to Putin. That’s how Putin gets away with murder. I’m really disappointed in the Republican Party, mostly the leadership, because not one has the balls to stand up to Trump and say enough, you are running our country in the ground and destroying our party. I remember when the GOP had legislatures that would not put up with these stupid acts. Now the word is that Trump is considering appointing Rudy or Ted Cruz, if he can ever embarrass Sessions into leaving. That won’t happen. Trump’s in a box and he knows it. No longer can he claim he is under audit by the IRS and no one can see his tax returns. His defense now is run against Hillary again, like he did to a crowd of teenage boy scouts Monday night. Trump has a lot more sweating to do before the final shoe drops. Watch for his base to leave him over Sessions.*****Well, I’d best get on down the line. Come along. I promise it won’t do you no harm.


10 Years Ago-2007

A few things that were happening 10 years ago this week. First, reports on some under the weather friends. Constable Parker ‘P.T.” Thompson, after being in ICU, in Baptist Hospital, Orange, was transferred to a Jefferson County hospital. His family was looking after him. (Editor’s note: P.T. later passed away.)***** Commissioner Don Cole is  home and doing as well as an 80-year-old can be.*****Kenny ‘Kee-Kee’ Dupuis is on a fast track to recovery after having surgery in Houston. He could be coming home by next week. (Editor’s note: Cole died a couple of months ago. Kenny is now retired and expecting to live another 20 years.*****After surgery Joe Raburn is mending. Lou is waiting on him hand and foot. (Editor’s note: Joe passed away several years ago.)*****FBI Director Robert Mueller contradicted the sworn testimony of his boss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, over the wire tapping issue while Ashcroft was in the hospital. “Gonzales tells half truths, partial truths and anything but the truth,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer. The Judiciary committee has issued subpoenas for Karl Rove and his deputy, J. Scott Jennings. (Editor’s note: Mueller doesn’t play games; that’s why the Trump Administration fears the special prosecutor. He gets to the bottom.*****According to barber Ray LeLeux, ‘Kee-Kee’ Dupuis’ grandson came in last week for a haircut. Ray asked how he wanted it cut. He said, “With a hole on top, like my PawPaw’s.”*****On May 2, Judge Derry Dunn celebrated a birthday. On that day in 1943, PT 109 was rammed and sunk. John Kennedy, with a broken back, saved all but two of his crew.*****Jack Flash plays and sings at Van Choate’s Tuffys on Tuesday and Saturday. That guy is a good entertainer.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Lee Bourge, 90, a resident of Orange for over fifty years, passed away Friday, July 27  Mr. Bourge was a member of the Orange County Bass Club and was the twelfth of thirteen children. He is survived by his wife, Lillie Bourge, sons Joeseph, Mitchel and Dewey, daughters Janie Jeanis, Mary Kendall, Sue Watkins and Ann Slack, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.***** Joe David Patterson, 48, of Orange, died July 30. Funeral service will be 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 1.  Joe was preceded in death by his wife Lorrie Patterson and parents, R.C. and Mary Patterson. He is survived by his stepson Josh David Webb, brothers and sisters, Mike Patterson, Jan Patterson, Doug Patterson and Gina Patterson, and ten nieces and nephews.***** Kenneth Allen Russell, Sr., 68, of Orange, passed away Sunday, July 29. He is survived by his daughters Jeannie Perkins, Terry Perry Tiger and Cindy Henley Breaky, son Kenny Russell, Jr., grandchildren Jeff Perkins, Lyndie Mansfield, Megan Perry, Taylor Henley, Blake Perry, Shelby Henley, Katie Russell, Kirbi Tiger and Richard Russell and great-granddaughter, Grace Mansfield. ***** Ted D. Miller, 66, of Orange, died Saturday, July 28. Funeral services were Monday, July 30. He worked at the Orange Police Department from 1963 to 1965 and at DuPont as a Chief of Security. Ted is survived by his wife, Betty Miller, daughters Christie Bean and Diana Welch, grandchildren Brice and Kathleen Bean and Christopher and Christen Welch. ***** Wendell Lee Smith, 67, of Orange, died Saturday, July 28. Fumeral service was held Tuesday, July 31.  He served in the United States Marine Corp and Reserves. He was a surveyor and woodsman and most recently dealt in land and timber procurement. He is survived by his wife, Darlene Bilbo Smith, daughters Leesa McMullen and Kristi Powell, son Brandon Smith and grandchildren Caitlin and Andrew McMullen, Caleb and Wyatt Powell, and Zachary and Avery Smith.

40 Years Ago-1977

On August 1, the Orange Noon Optimist club was chartered. Benny Mazzola was elected as the club’s first president. Rick O’Neal, manager of the Firestone store will serve as first secretary. The club will meet at 12 noon, Monday, at the Ramada Inn. *****Former Bridge City Police Chief Wilson Roberts hosted a gathering honoring former police agent Burnis Bobbit, who is leaving for a career in the U.S. Army. *****Ace and Jo Amodeo, hosted the monthly Dinner Club gathering at their home in Bridge City, then the group traveled to Gallagher’s in Beaumont. *****Lynn Hall’s birthday was celebrated July 30 at her home with many guest, food and lots of singing and picking. *****Harold and Sheila Beeson hosted a barbecue, hamburger and ice cream party at their home. Judge Beeson has just completed writing a novel. He’s the Judge of Rose City and raises ducks, chickens and goats that usually have the run of the house. *****Janet Fontenot, owner of The Shoe Castle, is having a big back to school sale. Daughter April is taking her first train trip to New Orleans and back. *****Bobbie Jean Stakes is now on her feet after a skiing accident.*****Belated birthday wishes to Jamie Lapeyrolerie, who celebrated on July 27.*****Don Jacobs has made it to Nashville where he hopes to make it in the music business. He writes that all the songwriters hang out at Glenda’s on Music Row. Don has several songs he has written with Porter Wagoner in mind. Porter’s secretary, Joan McGriff, said Porter has a new album and single coming out and he doesn’t need any material at this time. She said Speck Rhodes might be interested in Don’s novelty tunes. He’s in the hospital but she’ll give him Don’s tape when he gets out. Eddie and Joe, a comedy duo has agreed to audition some of Don’s material for a single they plan to release. Don then headed to Boot’s Randolph’s new club on Printer’s Alley where he told the bartender he was the best song writer in town. The bartender responded, “There’s an awful lot of bartenders and songwriters in Nashville. (Editor’s note: Don gave it a good try before returning home and getting a day job.)


The red swamp crawfish has made its way up north. The crawfish, native to the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast, have gone as far as Michigan, turning up recently in a retention pond and Sunset Lake in the Kalamazoo County town of Vicksburg. Even though other verities of crawfish have been in northern states, like Wisconsin, it’s the first spotting up north of the Gulf Coast crawfish made famous by the Cajuns of South Louisiana.*****A Texas Viagra-like coffee gets recalled. A Texas coffee company is recalling one of its roast because it was making some men a bit too excited. Best Herb Coffee, LLC, issued the voluntary recall for its Kopi Jantan after the Food and Drug Administration found it contained Desmethyl Carbodenafil, which is similar to Sildenafil in Viagra. (Editor’s note: I’m always a day late, I was preparing to order a case.)*****The Treasury Department fined Exxon Mobile $2 million last week for violations of Russian sanctions while Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. was the company’s CEO.*****Like we had predicted last week, O.J. Simpson was granted parole from a Nevada prison after serving nine years. He will walk out a free man Oct. 1. The fascination with O.J. never faded. He could make millions but won’t because he wouldn’t get to keep any of it.*****Effective Sept. 1, the DPS will charge $550 per case for DNA analysis from local law enforcement. Other fees will range from $75 to $150 for drug and alcohol test. It’s just another thing local government will have to budget for. The state of Texas, over the last 20 years, since Republicans have taken total control, has passed on more and more to local tax payers. They claim they don’t raise taxes. Fees for everything has tripled under the one party system that has a grip on Texas.


The United States voted 51 to 50 to start the debate on a health bill. Vice-president Pense had to vote to break the tie. No one knows what the bill contains, it was put together in secret. Shepard Smith said when Sen. McCain spoke he was the only adult in the room. McCain called for a bipartisan bill. He said he will not vote for any other bill.*****A tax free holiday will be held on Aug. 11, 12, 13. Shoppers save $8 on every $100 they spend. Merchants usually have sale promotions at this time.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and next week will meet at Van Choate’s Tuffys. The Bunch will celebrate Judge Derry Dunn’s birthday. Everyone is always welcome to attend. You do not need an invite, just show up. Good folks, good food and good fellowship.***** Trump has a new mob boss as head of communications, big Tony Scaramucci, from Goldman Sachs.*****We were sorry to learn about the death of Betty Scales, age 90, who passed away July 22. Service was held Tuesday at First Baptist Church in Orangefield. She was the widow of Cecil Scales, Sr., who died many years ago. Cecil was one of the original Scales from the oilfield. He was the youngest of the brothers and was Pam Scales Honeycutt’s uncle. Betty was a beautiful lady, born in El Dorado, AK. For years she operated a hair salon. Our condolences to her family. Please see obituary.*****I’ve been asked which is the oldest grocery store in Orange County. I really don’t know. Years ago, Ed Hughes had Market Basket on Texas Ave. in Bridge City. This later became Howard Morse’s Big Red Pantry and was later operated by Kenneth Smith. Market Basket had moved to  its present location in Bridge City. Danny’s Food Center, on Western Ave., in West Orange, is the oldest grocery store location in continuous operation in Orange County. I believe a Mr. Hubbard was the original owner.*****Folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. July 26: Sherry Gauthier, with BCISD celebrates today as does Laura Berman. Joining them are actors Jason Statham, 49 and Sandra Bullock, 52, also rock singer Mick Jagger, 73.*****July 27: Janice Gillet, the nice lady who is a bank officer at First Financial Bank celebrates today. Also celebrating are Ty Manual, of Beltone Hearing Aid, Lisa Simmons and Joseph Whitehead. Celebrities having birthdays today are baseball player Alex Rodriguez, 41, actress Maya Rudolph, 44 and winner of the 2017 British open, golfer Jordan Spieth, 23.*****July 28: Paula Richey, Angela Rhodes, Chaelynn Wilson,  Regina Cameron all celebrate. Blaze Montagne turns 18 on this day. Celebrating also are football player Ryan Tannehill, 28, basketball player Manu Ginobili, 39 and actor Nolan Garard Funk, 30.****July 29: Lisa Faulk, Haley Bischof, Hannah O’Grady, Laurie Davis, Nancy Bourgeois and Molly’s  mom, Millie LeMoine and a special happy birthday wish to our buddy from Tennessee, Glenda Dyer. Also Dallas Cowboy quarterback Dak Prescott, 23 and country singer Martina McBride, 50. This is also the day Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.*****July 30: Keith Gross, Ronda Hale, Daniel Faircloth, Conner Godwin, Troy Hillsten, Lisa McCall and Chris Lopez all celebrate. Joining them are actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 69 and Lisa Kudrow, 53.*****July 31; Laci Braus, Kimberly Sieck, Mary Bradford, Nancy Lancaster, Brittany Newman, Marie Pittman and Debbie Moerbe celebrate today. They are joined by entrepreneur Mark Cuban, 58, country singer Zac Brown, 38 and actor Wesley Snipes, 54.*****Aug. 1: Little Cypress-Mauriceville superintendant Dr. Pauline Hargrave, our buddy from Vidor, Wayne Morse,   Orange County Emergency Manager Missy Pillsbury, Judge Courtney’s mother-in-law Vickie Arkeen, Yvonna Boeham and Tana Thompson. Also celebrating are actors Jack O’Connell, 26 and Jason Momoa, 37.*****I’ve been told Gulf Coast Cardiology Group has an ad in our paper this week. They are located in the old Jefferson City Shopping Center in Port Arthur. Dr. Morbia has been keeping me heart healthy for over 10 years. He’s the only doctor I’ve ever known that will give you his personal cell phone number and tell you to call him at any hour, day or night. He’s been caring for local folks 25 years. If you go to that heart clinic I’ll bet you will see someone you know. When I go there it looks like old home week. There are three other Cardiologist, Dr. Abdullah, Dr. Amirul and Dr. Abochamh. Tell them we sent you, that will get a response. They love our paper.


Joe Badeaux him, left Highway 14 at Erath and cut across on da Farm to Market road, as a short cut to Youngsville, to visit his cousin Felix. Joe him, was driving down da road wen he saw a tree-legged chicken running along side of him. He sped up to 50 miles an hour and den to 60. At 70 miles per hour, dat chicken ran pas him and turned into a yard.

Badeaux slam on dem breaks and turn around. He could not believe his own eyes. A yard full of tree-legged chickens. He walk up to da porch an axe dat farmer why did he have all dem tree-legged chickens?

“Well, it’s like dis,” the farmer said, “I have tree chilluns me, and dey all like da drumstick, dats why we raise tree-legged chickens.”

Badeaux scratch his head and axe, “How do dey taste dem?”

Da farmer answer, “No one knows, we ain’t been able to catch one yet.”


Donkeys Go to Boiling Pot

I was thinking about JB’s donkeys when I ran across this report from China. There aren’t any donkeys left. China is in the grip of a massive donkey shortage caused by soaring demands for E Jiao, a traditional medicine made by boiling donkey skin. One donkey yields 2.2 pounds of E Jiao. The demand is for over 15 million pounds of skin per year. China had 11 million donkeys 30 years ago, the largest herd in the world. Despite intensive breeding programs, China is down to three million. E Jiao is one of traditional Chinese medicines along with deer horn and ginseng. E Jiao’s history is traced to the second century BC. Illegal donkey hides are being exported to China. The E Jiao substance was once only affordable by royalty. Farmers complain they can’t get donkeys for the work of growing vegetables in steep mountain terrain because the demand for E Jiao is so great.*****Oh well, I’m outta here. Read us cover to cover and please shop our family of advertisers. Take care and God bless.