Photo by Tommy Mann Jr.
Local acoustic duo Norma Hopson, at left, and Jason Touchette, better known as Curse and the Cure, will perform at the Pine Tree Lodge in LaBelle on Friday night and at Joe’s Just One More on Simmons Drive in Orange this Saturday.
Entertainment for the week
By Tommy Mann Jr.
The Record
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Wednesday, Aug. 2
The Slags @ Blue Martini
Ronnie Fruge @ Rikenjaks-LC
American Kids @ Rush Lounge
Bronco Junior @ The West
Thursday, Aug. 3 
Gyth Rigdon @ Blue Martini
Wayne Dylan @ Honky Tonk Texas
The Cadillacs @ Larry’s French Market
Sphynx, Snorlaxxx, Local Tried, Jess Knight @ The Logon Cafe
Britt Godwin and Company @ Mackenzie’s Pub
Billy Beaumont and Jared Foreman @ Madison’s
Wes Hardin @ Neches Brewing Company
John Cessac @ Paul’s Seafood
Michael Krajicek @ Rikenjaks-LC
Caylan Daughrity @ The Rodair Roadhouse
Rapture @ Rush Lounge
Friday, Aug. 4
Jason Darulo @ H2O Pool at Golden Nugget Casino
Johnny Jiminez @ Beaux Jangles/The Hole
Paul Vick @ The Boudain Hut North
Joey Greer @ Dylan’s
Cool Breeze @ Hardhead’s Icehouse
The Kadillacs @ Jack Daniels Bar and Grill
Bronco Junior @ Joe’s Just One More
Reagan Woodside @ Koozie’s Drive Thru
Britt Godwin and Company @ Larry’s French Market
Ward, Bowen and Steinman @ The Logon Cafe
Tyler Darby @ Luke’s Icehouse Mid-County
Deadline, Holoverse, Mirages, The Weekend Transit @ Luna Live
Danny Dillon Band, Lance Dubroc Band @ Madison’s
Howard Sonnier and Hwy Lites @ Mary’s Lounge
Longneck Road @ Neches Brewing Company
Wayne Cook @ New York Pizza and Pasta – Calder Ave.
Curse and the Cure @ Pine Tree Lodge
“All Shook Up” @ Port Arthur Little Theatre
Ethan Wayne, The Scheme @ Rikenjaks-LC
Unkle Jam @ Rikenjaks South Street
Chad Richard @ The Rodair Roadhouse
Rapture @ Rush Lounge
Wayne Toups @ Sawdust Saloon
Crossroads @ Stingaree Restaurant
John Cessac @ Thirsty’s
Saturday, Aug. 5
Tracy Byrd @ Golden Nugget Casino
Kyle Park, John Thibodeaux Band @ Backyard Dance Hall
Breakfast @ Tiffany’s @ Blue Martini
Paul Orta and the Kingpins @ Café Del Rio
The Austin Stepchildren @ The Capri Club
Ryan Harris and Killin’ Time @ Cottons Cay
Snafu @ Dylan’s
Downfall 2012, Takedown, SFN @ The Gig
Bronco Junior @ Hamilton’s
Honky Tonk Special @ Honky Tonk Texas
Mark Reeves and Twisted X @ Jack Daniels Bar and Grill
Dean James @ Jazz and Jokes Club
Liverpool Legends (Beatles tribute) @ Jefferson Theatre
Curse and the Cure @ Joe’s Just One More
Jackie Caillier and Cajun Cousins @ Larry’s French Market
Bourgeois Mystics, PLAP @ The Logon Cafe
Carl Richardson @ Luke’s Icehouse Mid-County
Hey! Johnny Park (A night of Foo Fighters) @ Luna Live
L.A. Roxx @ Madison’s
Book of Days @ Neches Brewing Company
George Dearborne and Branded @ Pine Tree Lodge
“All Shook Up” @ Port Arthur Little Theatre
Joey Greer, Lance Dubroc Band @ Rikenjaks-LC
My Beautiful Disaster @ Rikenjaks South Street
Robert Frith @ The Rodair Roadhouse
Rapture @ Rush Lounge
The LineUp @ Stingaree Restaurant
Texas Armadillo Band @ Tammy’s
Tony Faulk and Chaos @ Texas Ave. Tavern
Sunday, Aug. 6
Angel Garcia @ Blue Martini 
Britt Godwin and Company, Tim Burge and the Reckoning with Scott McGill, The Fabulous Hellcats, Bill Brooks and Stone Cold @ Courville’s
Kay Miller @ Ember Grille and Wine Bar
John Cessac and the Texas Outlaws @ The Gulf Range Bar and Grill
The Cadillacs @ Jefferson County Singles Club
Mike Zito @ Luna Live
Cajun Harmony @ Pine Tree Lodge
“All Shook Up” @ Port Arthur Little Theatre
Acoustic Pie, Jay Ecker Jazz Quartet @ Rikenjaks-LC 
Rapture @ Rush Lounge
Wayne Cook @ Suga’s
Paul Orta Blues Jam @ Texas Ave. Tavern
Six String Mafia @ The West
Monday, Aug. 7
Billy Beaumont @ Rikenjaks-LC
Corey Landry @ Rush Lounge
Tuesday, Aug. 8
Matt Bradford @ Dylan’s
The Head, Rob Wellz @ The Logon Café
Pug Johnson @ Madison’s
Alex Rozell @ Rikenjaks South Street
Sofa Kings @ Rush Lounge

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