What would be ideal is if we got a two inch rain every 10 days, year around but weather is never perfect anywhere. I noticed 10 years ago, at this time, we recorded 13 inches of rain in a week. Hopefully it won’t be that bad this week. *****Football two-a-days has started. So far it’s been rainy or overcast. I don’t recall ever practicing in the rain in August. It was always hell hot. No water, just salt tablets and a scorching sun.*****Here at home it looks like the Judge will cave in and give the deputies a 7% raise, while other employees get 5%. If so, that will allow some of the deputies to make more money than the sheriff. I bet there is no other county in Texas where the sheriff makes less than employees. If this contract dispute doesn’t get settled, I believe I have the perfect solution. Let’s see what happens. There are three from commissioners court so they will probably fold because they all have opponents and want that old monkey off their backs.*****I best get going. Come along I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Joseph J. “Joe” Romano, age 87, passed away Aug. 5. Funeral services will be held Friday at 11 a.m. at St. Mary Catholic Church. Visitation begins at 10 a.m. His obituary starts off, “The world had lost one of its good guys.” To that I can attest. I first met Joe around 1953 during the Korean War. He had just gotten out of the Marines. I knew all of his brothers Dominic, Louis and Mike. Joe was the youngest boy. He also had a couple of sisters. Orange back then had a large Italian community. Joe married one of the prettiest, Rosalie Blanda. Joe was a longtime Levingston Shipyard employee, during that time, became interested in Orange city politics. The city was being controlled by Chemical Row, mostly Dupont. The plant manager was name Pete Campbell and he called the shots. Members of the Orange Jaycees wanted more local people in control, most councilmen were transferred in from other areas of the country. The Jaycees talked to Joe and he agreed to run his friend G.L. “Red” Garrett’s campaign as manager. They lost the first race, I believe against Bob Whitehead, but won the second time against Reece Littlefield. Joe became the architect of changing city hall. At that time several other locals were elected. Red suggested a youngster he had been raised with in West Orange’s Bronner Addition be hired as city manager. Jack Huffman helped turn Orange around and went on to be a successful city manager in Colorado and Irving, Texas, where he promoted and built Cowboy Stadium and developed Irving into a large city. I recall during the time Red was running we spent many evenings at his and wife Pat’s home while Joe laid out the political plans. We made signs and Red and I and some of the Jaycees put them out. I’ll always remember Joe as a guy who masterminded the takeover of city hall by the young local guys. The last time I saw Joe was in our office. He had been one of the county’s youngest Eagle Scouts and now his grandson was also an Eagle Scout. Joe was very proud of that. We published his picture with his grandson in his Eagle uniform. For years Joe was a greeter at Claybar Funeral Home. Many will remember him from that. Our sincere condolences to Rosalie and the family Joe’s obituary is quite interesting, please read it. May he rest in peace.

Howard Mathews Service Held

Howard Mathews, age 80, passed away Aug. 4. Funeral service was held Monday, Aug. 7, at First Baptist Church in Bridge City. We had known Howard and his family for many years. He was a Bridge City resident and had served on the Water and Sewer District board along with Ham Laughlian, Bill Hutto and others. He and wife Juana had lived at Sam Rayburn for 20 years but had returned to Bridge City due to illness. He and Juana always enjoyed attending their grandchildren’s sports events and even when they lived out of town drove in to watch Little League and high school games. He was a good man that in over 50 years I never heard a bad word spoken about him. To Juana, Wayne, Lynn and Ann and their families our sincere condolences. Please see obituary.


10 YEARS AGO-2007

In a surprise move George W’s brain, Karl Rove, has announced he will leaving the Bush team Aug. 31. That makes sense, political season begins Labor Day which is Sept. 3. He didn’t leave because of fear of indictment, leaving doesn’t prevent that. He’s leaving because he has become an albatross around the neck of the president and other Republicans, including John Cornyn, who Rove made and has in his pocket.*****We were sorry to hear of the unexpected death of Donna Womack Verret Carter, 46, who passed away from complications of pneumonia that lead to other problems. Visitation will be Thursday, 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at Echo Church. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. Friday. Rev. George Cruse will officiate.***** Vince Gill, Mel Tillis and Ralph Emery will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October. All are deserving of the honor. I listened to Ralph Emery many nights, while traveling and later watched his television show. I wish it was still on, I miss it. *****Roy and Cal Broussard visited Constable Parker Thompson in the hospital. Parker’s condition is not good. Cal asked if he could do anything for him. He said he would love to have a cup of Gary’s coffee, he had not had a good cup of coffee in a long time. Cal went by Gary’s to fill a thermos and when Willie, of Gary’s, discovered what he was doing, he sent the coffee to P.T. with his compliments. With a spoon and a half of sugar and a little cream, P.T. downed two quick cups and saved some for later. Hospital coffee is bad. Cal promised, if he didn’t let the thermos get away, he would refill it. Constable Thompson is a fighter with a great attitude, but he is fighting great odds. P.T. died a few days later, Cal died a couple of years later. *****Things don’t get any easier for county Judge Carl Thibodeaux. Right in the middle of putting together a new budget, he will have to face back surgery that can’t be postponed. His heart doctor gave him the okay Friday. The procedure will be done within the next week or so. *****‘Buckshot’ has a road map scar that runs from his leg over his belly and meanders across his chest. It looks like a map from El Paso to the Florida Keys. He’s home now and thankfully doing great. Winfree snuck into the hospital and had a make over running new tubes to his engine. They didn’t mess with his computer, so he’s still the same old ‘Buck.’ (Editor’s note: Buck died a few years ago.) *****Our longtime friend Kenneth ‘Kee-Kee’ Dupuis, after undergoing cancer surgery in Houston, is on the rebound and at home recovering.***** The Bunch sponsored a birthday party for Judge Joe Parkhurst, who turned 65. Van Choate really put on a great seafood feast. All J.P.’s and some of their office employees attended. Tuffy’s and waitress Tammy Yawn did a great job.*****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Betty Louise McCorquodale, 84, of Orange, died, Tuesday, August 7. Funeral service was held Friday, August, 10. She was preceded in death by her husband Alan McCorquodale. She is survived by her son Rex McCorquodale, grandchildren, Erin Wynne McCorquodale, Knox McCorquodale, Erin Worster, Scott Worster, great grandchild Evan Worster.***** Kenneth Allen Russell, Sr., 68, of Orange, died Sunday, July 29. He is survived by daughters Jeannie Perkins, Terri Perry Tiger, Cindy Henley Breakey, son Kenney Russell, Jr., grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends.***** Murphy Wade Peart, 48, of Bridge City, died, Wednesday, August 8. Graveside service was Friday, August 10. He was a  member of Pipefitters Local 195 for 30 years. He is survived by his father, F. E. Peart, brothers, F.T., J.R. and D.W., three nieces, three nephews and great niece and great nephew. ***** Lavon “Punky” Jones, 57, of Bridge City, died Tuesday, August 7. Funeral service was Friday, August 10. She was a 1968 graduate of Lutcher Stark High School and graduated from Lamar University with a degree in Dietary Science. She is survived by her mother, Mildred Jones, daughter Lawanda Sorrels, grandchildren Kevin Sorrels and Patti Sorrels, brothers Rodney Jones and Jimmy Jones

40 Years Ago-1977

Bill Nickum Insurance Agency in Bridge City is a State Farm agent (Editor’s note: Still is). *****Fourteen Bridge City students graduate from Lamar University in summer commencement ceremonies. They are Sylvia Gaye Stagg, Philip Lee Clark, Marky Touchstone Bordelon, Michael Eugene Wilson, Connie Brown Woodard, James Riley, Jr., Erma Ruth Long Ritcher, Jane Elizabeth Hodges, David Young, Larry Ray Penn, Nancy Susan Duke, Charlise Rebecca Walker, Kathy Nell Wyatt and Angela Denise George. *****Brief memorial services kicked off the second annual Orange County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo. The rodeo is named in honor of Sam Lucia, Jr. and Walter Carey, both former longtime members of the Posse. Members of their families were introduced. Rodeo activities were handled by Bruce Patillo, rodeo chairman, Melvin Hogan, arena director and Betty Jo Spence, Posse president.*****County Court-At-Law Judge Grover Halliburton will not be a candidate for the post he holds when his term expires Dec. 31, 1978. He was appointed to the court when it was vacated by Judge David Dunn. Dunn was appointed Judge of the 163rd District Court by Gov. Dolph Briscoe after the resignation of Judge Fred Trimble. Halliburton was within a few days of being appointed to the new 260 th Dist. Court when he withdrew his name from consideration. He is however, expected to run for the 260th Court. The only announced candidate is Bridge City attorney Don Burgess. *****Donald ‘Donnie’ Harmon, a 1974 LC-M graduate, graduated from Notre Dame University in record time. The achievement in three years is considered most unlikely and nearly impossible. He will continue his education at another university then decide his future (Editor’s note: Today Donnie is the main owner at Harmon Chevrolet pre-owned cars.) 


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Aug. 9: Coach Dwight Thacker turns 73. I recall when he started shaving. Well almost. Also celebrating are Jada Montagne, Ken Hartley and Paige White. Celebrities celebrating today are football player Deion Sanders, 49, fashion designer Michael Kors, 57 and actress Anna Kendrick, 31.*****Aug. 10: Judge Joe Parkhurst, Rosa Molina, Joe Allen, Leslie Smith and Bree Anne Collins all celebrate today. Also reality star Kylie Jenner, 19, actors Antonio Bandaras, 50 and Angie Harmon, 44.*****Aug. 11: Our longtime buddy, a great guy, founder of Central Office Supply Bill Smith turns 87 today. Best wishes for a great day. Also celebrating from Kim’s Eyelashes is pretty Kim Pelloat, Rene Danna Susan Eby and Deborah Bayliss. Celebrities joining them are wrestler Hulk Hogan, 63 and actress Viola Davis, 51.*****Aug. 12: Kiesha Luna, Jared Sleeman and Jennifer Babin all celebrate today. Also celebrating are actors Casey Affleck, 41 and Yvette Nicole Brown, 45.*****Aug. 13: Our longtime friend, West Orange born, a coach’s dad, Clint Landry, Monty Esbach, Courtney Barnes, Arron MacCammond, Melissa Cox, Wade Estes and Terry Walles all celebrate today. Joining them are basketball player DeMarcus Cousins, 26, soccer player Alan Shearer, 46 and actor Ray Diaz, 28.*****Aug. 14: I have Charlotte Conn on the birthday list. She’s Jimmy’s widow. I lost track of her and hopefully she’s still around. If so, Happy Birthday. Also celebrating are Bill Triggs, Jerry Windham, Diane Justice, Britanie Long and Christina Myers. Also on this day Bobbie and Judge Don Burgess celebrate their 41st wedding anniversary. Best wishes for many more. I knew Don in another life, before Bobbie. He was quite a sight with his long, red beard and big cowboy hat. Bobbie cleaned him up. They are joined by actors Hallie Berry, 50, Steve Martin, 71 and football player Tim Tebow, 29.*****April 15: The twins Tyler and Travor’s pretty mom, Kristy Gunn, celebrates today as does Tiffany Schlicher, Brandi Arnold, Gavyn Fisher and Christine Johnson. Since so many of us are Cajun it’s good to know that on this date 252 years ago, in 1765, the Acadians were excelled from Novia Scotia. That’s how many of us got to grow up here. Celebrating birthdays also on this day are celebrity actors Debra Messing, 48,  Jennifer Lawrence, 26 and Ben Affleck, 44.


Last week the Wednesday Lunch Bunch gathered at Tuffy’s for a great meal and to celebrate Judge Derry Dunn’s 72 birthday. Abut 40 folks attended including all JP’s Judge Hershel, Judge Joy and Judge Rodney who bought his grandson, County Commissioners Johnny Trahan, Barry Burton and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Burton. Also attending were 95 year old Cedric Stout, Orange County’s only Pearl Harbor survivor, and wife Cherry, pretty Tax Assessor Karen Fisher came with buddy Alice Hartsfield. Many other notables were in attendance including Mayor Pete Runnels, Port Commissioner Keith Wallace, County Treasurer Christy Khoury, Derry’s wife Jane and son Dr. Todd and wife from Utah. Judge Dunn had shoulder surgery the next day and the word is he is trying to get back to work  this week. Someone said he was one of those hardheaded Dunn’s, Judge Constable David Cagle invited his wife so she could pay.  The Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s this week and JB’s Barbeque next week. This week the Bunch will help celebrate Judge Joe Parkhurst’s 75th birthday. Everyone welcome.*****Sorry to hear about the death of Glenn Campbell at age 81. He was a poor boy from Arkansas who became a big recording, TV and movie star. He put out great songs that will live on.*****Our friend, former county commissioner Owen Burton had cataract eye surgery last Wednesday. We hope he’s doing alright and can see those cowboy shows better now.*****Three hundred-twenty seven malls are shutting down this year leaving many large, vacant buildings while shoppers go to Amazon.*****Next week, First Baptist Church of Orangefield will celebrate 95 years in the Oil Field. *****Former constable John Ford and his wife Geraldine Darby Ford celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Aug. 9. Congrats and best wishes for more healthy, happy years.*****Forty-eight years ago, Aug. 15-17, 1962, Woodstock drew 500,000 fans. Many stars were born at that event including Janis Joplin, a Port Arthur native.*****Speaking of stars, would you believe on Aug. 16, it will be 40 years since Elvis died, in 1977, at his home in Graceland. I know exactly where I was when I heard. I went to Border Street News Stand and bought up everything Elvis. Hurricane Ike robbed my collection. Many of his fans will not let his music die, even though 40 year olds and younger have never heard a song or watched an Elvis movie. Older folks will always remember it like it was yesterday.*****


Jo-Jo Comeaux and Tee-Tom Dartez got in a car accident dem. Dey boat got out of dat car and stumble over to da side of da road. Jo-Jo say,”Oh char, wat a wreck.” Tee-Tom axe, “Are you all rat Jo-Jo?”

“I’m just a little shook up me,” Jo-Jo answered.

Tee-Tom pull a little bottle of whiskey from his coat and say, “Jo-Jo, here drink some of dis, it will calm your nerves.”

Jo-Jo him, takes da bottle and drinks it down and says, “Well, wat are we going to tell the police hanh?”

“Well,” Tee-Tom says, “I don’t know wat you gonna tell dem you, but I’ll tell dem dat I wasn’t da one dat was drinkin.”


Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s overall approval rating stands at its lowest point in CNN polling, while three-quarters of Americans say they can’t trust most of what they hear from the White House. Overall, 38% say they approve of Trump’s handling of the presidency, according to a new CNN poll, conducted by SSRS, with 50% saying they disapprove. Enthusiasm breaks against Trump by a 2-1- margin. Nearly half in the new poll say they strongly disapprove of Trump’s handling of the job (47%), while just a quarter say they feel strongly positive about Trump’s performance (24%). Americans are also divided on his handling of the economy (47%) disapprove to 45% approve) On just about every other issue tested, majorities disapprove of Trump’s work, including on health care policy (62%), foreign affairs (61%), immigration (55%) and helping the middle class (54%). Nearly half (48%) disapprove of his handling of taxes while just 34% approve. Over the first 200 days of Trump’s time in office, just 36% say they consider it a success and 59% consider it a failure. Overall 62% say that Trump’s statements and actions since taking office have made them less confident in his ability to be president. Most Americans (59%) say Trump hasn’t paid enough attention to the country’s most important problems. Trump has done a poor job assembling a team of top advisers to work in the White house (62%, up from 56% saying so in April). Personal praise for the President is scarce, just 30% say they admire the President, and only 34% say they are proud to have him as president. A majority (55%) say he has lowered the stature of the office of the president. Six in 10 don’t consider Trump honest and trustworthy. A majority (52%) say his tweets are not an effective way for him to share his views on important issues, and 72% say they do not send the right message to other world leaders. Seven in 10 say they too often seem to be in response to TV shows the President may have seen. And 62% say they too often turn out to be misleading. He keeps digging the hole deeper. So much for “We will win so much you will get tired of winning.” Only one bill has been passed, sanctions on Russia, that Trump signed reluctantly. There is no good option on North Korea. I have confidence in our generals and military but worry about what stupid thing Trump will say or insist on.*****Thanks for your time, mine is up. Take care and God bless.