I believe ten years ago was the year that it rained every day in August. I was starting to believe time was repeating itself. We have been fortunate this summer to have high pressure hanging over the Gulf and Texas. As long as it’s around, we won’t have to worry about a hurricane. We’re good for at least the rest of this month then we will only have to sweat out two months.*****I’ve run far behind and really have a lot to say so I’d best get going. Hop on board and come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.



In my lifetime the president that inherited the biggest mess was Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR came into office with the Great Depression in full bloom. People were losing fortunes and jumping out of tall buildings and off bridges. Every family in America was feeling it. Men hit the rails, riding the box cars across the country looking for work. Many were known as ‘tramps’ (transit workers) leaving the farms in search of a job. Over night almost everyone was poor. WWII cost the United States many lives but it also put many to work in and out of the military. Pearl Harbor fell under FDR’s watch. Fast forward to Nov. 5, 2008 when a young, black Barack Obama was elected president after the economy had again faltered. He came in with the worst recession since the Great Depression. The country had lost eight million jobs in the previous two years; unemployment was down to 10.2 percent. The young president was handed two wars going on at the same time. The country was facing possibly another depression. The three major auto manufactures were facing bankruptcy. Millions of families were losing their homes because shysters had overloaded them with debt on property way over valued. Many of our poor and handicapped were hurting and dying due to no health care coverage. Obama hit the airways and covered all parts of the country selling his Affordable Care Act. He didn’t get all he wanted in the Care Act but enough that it was a base for affordable insurance which he surmised could be improved on later. At least it was a good start. All the presidents back to FDR, had attempted a healthcare package without success. In other quick accomplishments Obama was able to save the auto industry. He devised a plan that saved the housing market and family homes. For 84 straight months the economy added over 200,000 jobs a month. Two million jobs a year were added in his last four years. Unemployment fell to below 5% for the first time in 16 years. He left office with 4.6 unemployment and six million jobs still to be filled. When he assumed office Wall Street was hurting with a Dow of 7600. When he left office it was nearly 21,000. There is much more but the truth is he handed Trump and the new administration a country on a silver platter. All it needed was a gatekeeper. The country was primed to continue an upward climb. This brings us up to date. There is nothing President Donald Trump has done to hurt or help the economy. No bill has been passed that changes the way Obama left it. The growth is a continuation of Obama’s policies. Trump signed some executive orders doing away with some regulations, but that was on new construction. New factories can’t be built in six months. The jobs supposedly coming, like the Toyota /Mezda deal has been in the works for 18 months. They want free land, 20 years tax abatement, highways, water and sewer before they select where they will build the plant. Two big lies have been told. First, Trump claims he inherited a mess, secondly he claims the million jobs he brought back from overseas were added in six months. These jobs are on target with Obama’s two million a year. The country’s biggest problem is that the great deal maker can’t close a deal and blames others. The country messed up and hired the wrong gatekeeper. It won’t be long before we start going backwards. Obama’s economic rally is in the hands of someone who is in way over his head.


Myra Katherine Caillouet passed away at age 52 on August 12. This good Christian lady fought the battle against cancer. Her’s is a story in courage and a beautiful lady who adored her family. We have known most of her family from father, ‘Buddy’ Rasberry, husband Kerry and their four girls. Sharon and Carol Bearden’s son, Jim Sharon, is married to Cassie, Neighbor Cox’s grandson, Cody, the son of Karen and Keith Duplechin, is married to Carlie, the mother of Cox’s pride and joy, Luke. Myra was fond of all those beautiful grandchildren. A mass of Christian burial will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 17, at St. Henry Catholic Church. Bridge City native, son of Joe and Mary Majors, Rev. “Bo’ Majors, will officiate. Visitation will be from 5 p.m to 9 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home. Myra won’t soon be forgotten. May she rest in peace. Please see obituary.



After several days of rain, it’s come on a beautiful day. I sit at the spool table, under the Hackberry tree, listening to Gospel music. The beautiful bells at First Baptist ring for a long time. Their music can be heard throughout the Bridge City community. Hurricane Dean, a fierce storm, will spare us and that’s a good thing. He’s left a lot of damage and death it his path.*****Our condolences to V.J. Roberts whose father, Edward Weed, 72, died Aug. 8.  Also condolences go out to Wayland Payne and family on the death of wife Norma, 65,  who passed away Aug. 13.*****We were sorry also to learn about the death of Grady Gallien, Aug. 18. Services were held Aug. 19. Grady was a good man who truly cared about people and his community.*****Our buddy Jay Trahan has resigned his job at Lamar Orange.*****We were sad to learn about the death of Kamisha Block, of Vidor, who turned 20 on August 4. She was killed by friendly fire in Iraq. She is the area’s first woman to be killed in Iraq. Former local reporter Mike Wallis has been making the television rounds for his new book, “The Lincoln Highway,” and included a stop on “The Colbert Report.” Wallis was in the Orange Bureau of the Beaumont Enterprise in the late 1970s. Since then, he has made a career out of writing non-fiction books, including “Route 66.” Three of his books have been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. He’s moved into show business, too, providing the voice of “the sheriff” in the animated movie “Cars” and has another animated voice role out soon.*****Craig Stark was relieved of his duties with the Orange and Mid-County weekly publications, distributed by the Beaumont Enterprise.**** Sixty-eight percent of Americans say Republicans have done a bad job on health care and are not likely to change.***** Our friends Theresa and Frank Beauchamp will mark their anniversary on Aug. 24. Frank will also celebrate a birthday on the 28.***** One of my favorite all-time baseball players died last week. Phil Rizzuto, a Yankee shortstop Hall of Famer and broadcaster on radio and TV, was 89 years old. The five-foot, six-inch #10 ruled in the 1940s and 1950s and was a joy to listen to with his colorful stories, using the terms ‘Holy Cow’ and ‘Huckleberry’ in his baseball broadcast. A great little guy. *****GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Norma Fisher Payne, 65, of Orange, died, Monday, August 13. Funeral service was Thursday, August 16. She is survived by her loving husband of 45 years, William Wayland Payne, daughters, Katherine Elaine Thrailkille, Kimberly Laverne Alexander, son William David Payne, II, grandchildren, Sara Thrailkille, Derrick Payne, Kara Droddy, Katy Thrailkille, Wesley Thrailkille, Brandee Payne, Cassee Payne and three great grandchildren.*****Frances Young, 62, of Orange, died, Thursday, August 16. She was self employed as a cosmetologist. Frances enjoyed painting, photography and especially cooking. She is survived by her husband, Stephen Young, daughter, Christina Young, son, Joseph Young, brother, Hank W. Prejean,  sisters, Merle Lynn Woolley and Cecile Bland.**** Edward Raymond “Eddie” Uher, 79, of Orange, passed away Monday, August 13. Graveside services were Friday, August 17.  He was a longtime resident of Orange and worked as a draftsman and engineer for the Levingston Shipbuilding Company and was a veteran of the United States Navy. Eddie enjoyed playing the accordion and spending time with his family. He is survived by his daughters, Connie Stansbury, Pam Comeaux, Sandie Hood and Nina Maddox, sons, Danny Uher and Russell Uher, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

40 YEARS AGO-1977

After eight years of courting, AL McKay marries Pam Budge. McKay doesn’t rush into anything. (Editor’s note: Al died of cancer at age 42. He started Bridge City and Vidor Cablevision, which he built from the ground up and later sold for millions. The cable company is now owned by Time Warner. Al didn’t get to enjoy his millions very long as he died in less than two years after the sale. He’s buried at his farm in Warren were his father and later, after having her body exhumed and returned to Texas from Mississippi, his mother are buried. He was an only child and had one heck of a life’s story. He donated his farm to a youth organization.). *****The lovely Janet Fontenot was appointed to the Orange Planning and Zoning Commission. *****New KOGT manager Bill Fort, wife, 15-year-old twin boys and a 16-year-old son, say coming from Oklahoma is like arriving to Paradise to a water loving family. *****The Standard Times named State Rep. Wayne Peveto one of the state’s ten most effective legislatures. He was previously named to the top ten by Texas Monthly magazine. *****Bill Clark, of radio fame, celebrated a birthday over the weekend. *****Don and Bobbie Burgess celebrate their anniversary.*****Bill and Martha Hughes have recently returned from a two week vacation in Kentucky Lake, Tennessee, where they met up with former Orangeits Lee Nelsons and Walter Cobb and wives. Bill passed away several years ago. Martha remarried and is now Martha Kirkland. (Editor’s note Martha’s second husband also passed away).*****The Orange Chamber building, located at Tenth and Green, formerly Sonny Gunstream’s service station, is getting a complete makeover. Its exterior has been sandblasted to it’s original brick surface and copper trim.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few days. Aug. 16: This is the day Elvis died in 1977 at age 42. Today Brandi Clark, BCISD teacher celebrates her birthday. Also celebrating is Gwen Boehme and Joe Sanders. Joining them are pop singer Madonna, 58, TV host Kathie Lee Gifford, 63 and actor Steve Carell, 54.*****Aug. 17: Nancy Finchum, along with Jordan New, Jon Oliphint, Carrie Poole, Henry Bland, Johnny Stimac and Jane Busby all celebrate. Celebrities joining them are actors Robert DeNiro, 73, Donnie Wahlberg, 47 and Sean Penn, 56.*****Aug. 18: Pretty Carolyn Ward, Larry’s widow, celebrates today. Also Ian MacCammond and Helen Graham. This was also the birthday of our late friend Gene Hidalgo. Also on this day, in 1984, the legendary Sheriff Chester Holts died. Celebrating birthdays on this day also are MMA fighter Miesha Tate, 30, actors Edward Norton, 47, Robert Redford, 80 and Denis Leary, 59.*****Aug.  19: Our longtime buddy, Shon’s pretty wife, former PNG cheerleader Tammy Davis, celebrates today. Also, from BCISD, Maggie Joubert and Phyllis Neil celebrate. They are joined by Brett Johansson, Linda Tibbits and Ryan Prejean. Celebrating birthdays on this day are celebrities former president Bill Clinton, 70, actors Matthew Perry, 47 and John Stamos, 53.*****Aug. 20: Now retired Glee Lobb celebrates and also Jackie Dugas, Marilyn Guerrerro, Sarah Byers and Kelsie Mattlock. Joining them are Pop singer Demi Lovato, 24 and TV personalities Al Rocker, 62 and Connie Chung, 70.*****Aug. 21: Kimberly Hubbard, Shirlyn Findlay and Davis Jones celebrate today. Happy anniversary also to Judge Carl and Micha Thibodeaux. A bunch of years have gone by since they first arrived in Orange County as newly weds. Celebrating birthdays on this day also are Olympic runner Usain Bolt, 30, country singers Kenny Rogers, 78 and Kacey Musgraves, 28. *****Aug. 22: WO-S teacher, longtime sports contributor to The Record, our friend Marie Ellen Jacobs celebrates a birthday today. Also former pro boxer Darlene’s longtime husband, Johnny Montagne celebrates today. Mike Johnson, along with Kristen Murdock, Betty Diabo and Karen Collier all have a good reason to celebrate. Joining them are comedian James Corden, 38, actresses Valerie Harper, 77 and Cindy Williams, 69.*****Aug. 23: Skipper’s oldest child, Kebel Free is a year older today. Happy birthday also to John Davis Walles, Mae Rollins, Pat Gunter, Ryan Moreau and Zack Jeter. Also celebrating are basketball player Kobe Bryant, 39 and singer Rick Springfield, 68.


We were sorry to hear about the death of Mavis ‘Mae-Mae’ Powell, age 96, who died at her home in Dallas on Aug. 12. She was a native of Orange and moved away in 2000. She and husband Joe were very active in community service. ‘Mae-Mae’ belonged and took part in many projects. Service will be held Saturday, Aug. 19, at 10:30 a.m. at Slade Memorial Chapel at First United Methodist Church in Orange. Visitation at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange on Friday, Aug. 18, 5 to 6:30 p.m. Please see obituary.*****The Lunch Bunch will dine at JB’s Barbeque this week. Next week the Bunch will meet at Robert’s, where Marlene Merritt will be honored. Her birthday is Thursday, Aug. 24.*****Congratulations to our longtime friend Clint Landry, who was part of the coaching staff of the team that won the ‘Babe Ruth Senior World Series’ in Ephrata, Washington Saturday. The Mid-County team made up of area players 16 to 18 defeated Cape Cod 6-0 to win the championship. Clint has been manager or assistant coach in that league for 26 years. A few years ago, he managed the team of 15 year olds that won the national championship in Arkansas. The Mid-County win was especially sweet this year because his birthday was Sunday, Aug. 13. His son Coach Chad Landry celebrated two days earlier on the 11th.****Frank Broyles, a legendary football coach at Arkansas, died at age 92 on Aug. 13. He suffered with Alzheimer’s Disease. He coached in the old Southwest Conference from 1958 to 1976, compiling a 144-58-5 record. His team won the conference seven times and the national championship in 1964. I enjoyed his work as a commentator on ABC Sports with Keith Jackson from 1977 to 1985. Cowboy owner Jerry Jones and Coach Jimmy Johnson, from Port Arthur, were on his undefeated championship team in 1964.*****I bet they had to brow-beat Trump to make him throw David Duke and his bunch under the bus. They make up about 13 percent of his base, now down to 33 percent. Trump’s Bubba’s won’t leave him. They know those words he read from the teleprompter were not his and didn’t come from his heart. Other folks feel the delayed words were a little too late.*****First Baptist Church of Orangefield will celebrate its 95th anniversary Sunday, August 20. The church began as a mission of Winfree Baptist Church in 1922. One service will be held Sunday at 10:30 a.m., with a special dinner following.*****We heard from Debbie, ‘Girl Friday at Gulf Coast Cardiology Group, in Port Arthur, that several new patients have come from Orange County. You will like their treatment and will probably run into someone you know. No appointments required, just walk in, no long wait. Tell them we sent you.*****Drive a little, get a lot. Ms. Peggy of Peggy’s on the Bayou is having some great specials Seafood Lunch special only $6.99. They also make the best hamburger in the area. I can swear to that. Peg’s Burger, fully loaded, only $5.99. I also love Richard’s Breakfast, buy one get one at ½ price. The bridge being out has really affected their business but if you will take five minutes to drive around to their location, you will get treated with some very good food. It’s a pleasant place to dine, on the banks of Cow Bayou and Lake Sabine. See the alligators and many species of birds. Watch the crab boats arrive and the beautiful sunset from the back porch. I’ll be there this week.


Sister Marie and Sister Agnes, Catholic nuns, left Lake Charles to attend a seminar on hospital care in Baton Rouge. By da time dey got near Breaux Bridge, Sister Agnes axe Sister Marie to pull over, dat she had to use da bashroom. Sister Marie said she would wait in da car her. Sister Agnes walked into Marceaux’s Bar, a local Hooter’s imitation place.

Da place was hopping wit loud music and every once in a while when da lights would turned off da pace would erupt into cheers. However, wen da revelers saw da nun, the place got dead silent.

Sister Agnes walked up to da bartender and axed, “May I please use da restroom?”

Robie Juneaux replied, “Okay Sister but me, I should warn you dat there is a statue of a naked man in dere wearing only a fig leaf.”

Sister Agnes answer, “I’ll jus look da utta way me.”

Robie showed da nun to the back and pointed out da ladies room. After a few minutes Sister Agnes came back out and da whole place stopped jus long enough to give da nun a loud round of applause.

Sister Agnes is tinking, “Sister Marie will never believe dis.” She went to Robie da bartender and said, “Sir, I don’t understand me, why did da people applaud for me jus because I went to da restoom?”

Robie said, “Well, now dey know dat you one of us, would you like a drink?”

“No tank you,” said the puzzled nun, “But I still don’t understand.”

“Well, it’s like dis, every time someone lifts da fig leaf on dat statue, da lights dem go out.” “Now about dat drink hanh?”


Judge James B. Scales Memorial Golf Tournament

The Bridge City Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted to rename its annual gold tournament to the ‘Judge James B. Scales Memorial Golf Tournament.’ Golf tournament chairman and City Manager Jerry Jones made the recommendation to change the name to honor of Judge Scales, who recently passed away. Scales was a regular participant in the chamber’s annual golf tournament and several other golf tournaments in the area. The tournament will take place on Saturday, Sept. 16, at Babe Zaharias Golf Course in Port Arthur. Tee time is 8 a.m. for this four person scramble. The cost is $60 per player, which includes green fees, cart, beverages, food and door prizes. Mulligans may be purchased for $5 each with a limit of two per player. Hole sponsorships in the form of tee box signs are available for $100 each. All proceeds go to the Bridge City Chamber and Historical Museum, formerly the Prairie View Teacherage. For more information or to register, call the Chamber at 409-735-5671 or Golf Tournament Chairman Jerry Jones at 409-735-6801. Registration forms can be found at the chamber website; www.bridgecitychamber.com.*****Our advertisers go an extra step to advertise their best prices in this paper. Look them over. Almost anything you need you can find in these pages. Thanks for tagging along. I’m headed to the wagon, these shoes are killing me. Take care and God bless.