As we all are trying to recover from Hurricane Harvey. We have many volunteers still helping. A Mission from Alabama known as Thumbs up on a Mission 4 Jesus is in Bridge City helping out the community. Gwen Prine, after receiving a message from God to help Texas after making more than 11 loads of clothes,food,water and other supplies, they have been in Bridge City since 8/29/2017. The Disaster Relief Supplies are located at the Old BC Police station located off of Texas ave in Bridge City. Right Now the temp. hours are Tuesday and Thursday 10AM-4PM until new trucks arrive.This Mission includes Gwen Prine, Lee Morrison, and Anitra Cooley, along with many volunteers from  our community, Vanessa Gross, Debbie & David Poole, James Gammill, Jennifer Haley, Sherry & Paulette Stevens, And Tori & Bella Barber. The ladies are in Florida at the moment helping their husbands and will return soon with more food and supplies. If you need anything please stop by!