Election Day, March 6, is only a few days away. We want to thank all the candidates who used our two newspapers to get their message to the voters. Look them over and make your choice. Creaux and I don’t have any predictions on who will win. We do believe there will be some change on commissioner’s court. We are sticking to our earlier prediction that only 8,000 or less votes will be cast in the Republican Primary. With no contested races in the Democratic Primary only a couple thousand votes will be cast. That will change in the November 5, mid-term General Election, when Democrats are expected to come out in protest of Trump. Also a hot senate race is expected. *****This week we celebrate two important dates in the history of our state. March 2 is Texas Independence Day and March 6 is the date the Alamo fell. Both days changed the course of Texas history.*****Future elections may well be decided on how many innocent school kids have died and how many more will have to die before voters realize that changes must be made at the ballot box, through legislations that will end mass killings. Until now congress has not done a thing to curb gun violence. America leads the world in school shooting, more than the other countries combined. Legislatures will have to choose between the NRA and the citizen revolt. *****I must move along. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm.


Monday the Supreme Court dramatically changed the debate over the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and the fate of nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants who are part of it. By refusing to hear a California case, the high court ensured that the program will survive at least through the fall, giving enrollees a reprieve from deportation and Congress more time to craft a permanent solution. In September President Trump announced he would end the Obama-era program, which was protecting nearly 700,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation. He set the official termination date as March 5, giving Congress six months to find a legislative solution. That left DREAMers in a state of panic, because they would be exposed to deportation if they lost their protections and would lose the work permits. Many DREAMers were unsure whether they would be able to remain in colleges and universities or continue receiving grants and loans that helped them afford those schools. Now, they can rest a little easier. That means the case now goes back to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California. That court has ruled against other Trump administration programs. Meanwhile, a separate judge in New York also has ruled against the Trump administration’s decision to end DACCA. Once those courts rule, the Department of Justice could appeal to the Supreme Court.


10 Years Ago-2008

Sheriff Mike White had too many managerial problems to overcome. Not getting an endorsement by his own sheriff’s deputy union raised an issue with voters who saw interior problems by the lack of support from the sheriff’s own employees. The public felt the sheriff’s employees were the best to know if White was an effective sheriff and administrator . On the other hand, Constable Keith Merritt offered a fresh start. Privately, a majority of the department’s employees supported Merritt and believe he will bring the stability needed to provide better, efficient law enforcement. Merritt is very popular and considered to be a straight shooter that will restore strong leadership to the department. In defense of White, Orange County has a long history of allowing their sheriffs only two terms. White served three terms, second behind the longest serving sheriff, Chester Holt, who served 21 years.*****County Judge Carl Thibodeaux was in Washington last week. He and Judge Pro-tem John Dubose have traveled extensively on behalf of Orange County and their efforts have paid off. As a body, our commissioner’s court is the very best court to serve us over the last 50 years. It may be the best in history when you consider all the additional services they have received for the county while still maintaining a sound financial reserve. Because of good businesslike management, Orange County fared better than all our neighbors after Hurricane Rita. ***** One of the biggest problems that has always faced Orange County is drainage. We were glad to hear that Jimmy Scales is running for the Drainage District board. Jimmy is a good man, a native who is very familiar with drainage problems and would make a good director. ***** The Chrysler dealership changes hands. Doctor Mark Messer sold Orange Chrysler Monday to Cecil Atkission, who owns several dealerships around Texas.


Obituaries 10 Years Ago

We were sorry to her about the death of William ‘Bill’ Collins, 80, who passed away Feb. 27. Services were held Sunday, March 2. Bill was a great guy. Stories are told about his fishing expertise. To Jo Ann, his wife of 62 years, son Gary, daughter Linda, sister Louise, brother Don and his wife Sue, we send our deepest sympathies. Bill, who we had known for over 50 years, was a big fan of our Penny Record. May he rest in peace.*****Condolences also on the death of Gary Stelly’s grandmother Verna Mae Johnson, 92, who passed away March 3 in Port Arthur. Services were held Tuesday. Our deepest sympathies to Gary, his mom and the entire family. ***** Diane Johnson Green, 60, of Orange, passed away, Friday, Feb. 29. Funeral service was 3:00 p.m., Monday, March 3. A lifelong resident of Orange she was active in her children’s youth sports activities. She was a Teacher’s Aide at LCM Elementary and a former of the Little Cypress Volunteer Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary. She is survived by her husband of 40 years, Mike Green, sons, Terry Green and Jeremy Green, daughter Brianne Green and four grandchildren.*****Josephine “Jo’ Simar Free, 94, of Orange passed away, Tuesday, Feb. 26. Funeral services were held Saturday, March 1. She is survived by her son, Richard Free, four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren; and three great-great-grandchildren. ***** Shirley A. Cormier, 58, of Groves passed away on Monday, Feb. 25. Funeral services were held Thursday, Feb. 28. She was the owner and operator of Cormier Insurance Agency. She is survived by her daughters, Tammy Cormier Martin, Jenny Cormier, son, Lonnie J. Cormier Jr., and grandchildren.

40 Years Ago-1978

Sheriff Chester Holt, in 1968, had an annual budget of $93,000.00, today, ten years later; Sheriff Ed Parker’s budget is $1,000,000.00, up $900.000. *****Billye Minter, first assistant district clerk and Nadine Slaughter, first assistant county clerk, were in College Station for a seminar. (Editor’s note: Can you imagine those two having a wild time in Aggieland?)*****County Judge Pete Runnels declares he will never wear his Orange County blazer to the Astrodome again. Spectators stopped him all night asking directions. Astrodome employees also were wearing orange jackets. ***** People celebrating birthdays: OVN editor Sheila Beeson celebrated on March 6. ***** Trubie Shelton also celebrated on the March 6 and husband, Judge Marlin Shelton, will have his big day on March 13. ***** Uncle Jim McKay will turn 92 on March 10. (Editor’s note: Jim lived to be 101.)*****Amy and Whitney Oubre, parents of Phyllis Dunn, celebrate an anniversary on March 10. *****Lew Malcolm is leaving his post as executive vice-president of the Orange Chamber on July 1. *****C.W. Holt is pastor of the West Orange Assembly of God Church, 1301 Irving Street.


Congrats to our friend and Re/Max One agent Karla Lozano. Recently Karla was awarded Orange County’s top producing individual. She also earned a place on the Re/Max 100% Club for achievement and has been inducted into the Re/Max Hall of Fame for “consistent productivity year after year.” If you’re in the market for a new home, or wanting to sell your home or property, keep Karla in mind. Her achievements speak for themselves; she’s also a very nice lady. *****There are 39 super-centurions, folks 110 plus, living worldwide. Thirty-eight are females and one male. I believe the world will see that number double in the next few years as people live longer.*****Jimmy Smith, the longtime Bridge City insurance man and Port Commissioner, has called it quits. He sold the insurance agency to his daughter and retired from the Port board with two years left. Johnny Montagne, Jr. was appointed to fill the unexpired term. That is a good choice. John is a great young man with an engineering degree from Texas A&M. He’s very soft spoken, hard worker and smart. The Smith’s have purchased five acres of land in Kirbyville and plan to build. Thanks to Jimmy for his many years of service on the Port board.*****Speaking of the Port of Orange Board, Keith Wallace, who has been a dedicated member for several years, had a surprise gift for his birthday on Feb. 16. On that very same day someone decided to run against him. Now that’s a hell of a birthday present. *****Mrs. Peggy and Richard have returned from their vacation to California.  She called to let us know that the Peggy’s on the Bayou is getting close to opening their Deli very soon. The Market is open now with Live Purged Crawfish so you can start planning those crawfish boils.  Look for their ad.*****Mexico president Pena Nieto says Trump called him and there was a heated argument about the border wall. Trump just wants Mexico to say they’ll pay for some of the wall. Trump needs that red meat to feed his Bubba’s. New polls show there are 35% who approve and 58% who disapprove of the job Trump is doing. Meanwhile the administration have imposed new sanctions on North Korea, while not enforcing the congress’ sanctions on Russia.*****In Feb. 25, 1964, 50 years ago, Judge Sid Caillavet, Sheriff Chester Holts, Joe Blanda and Roy Dunn drove to Lake Charles to watch Cassius Clay become heavy weight champion by defeating Sonny Liston in Miami. The fight was shown on big screen Clay later changed his name to Muhammad Ali. By the way Roy got to interview him when he fought Leon Spinks. He also has a cap Ali wore at his training camp. Just a little trivia. *****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Tuffy’s this week and back at Robert’s next. Everyone always welcome, good fellowship, great friends. *****Nearly 53% of United States households use cell phones only. Landline usage falls to below 44%. *****President Trump criticized the deputy who didn’t rush into Parkland Florida school. He called that career lawman a coward and then told the biggest of all his lies. He said, “I would have run into that school even without a weapon.” Now here is a guy who pulled every string he could to avoid fighting in Viet Nam he instead entered a military academy. I believe that law enforcement officer was prejudged with news commentators, politicians and Trump not knowing the facts. By the way, by Trump’s own admission, he says he can’t stand the sight and smell of blood. *****Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is working out with the New York Yankees. He hit a half dozen homeruns but Wilson is not leaving football. His recent contract guarantees him $61 million.


A few folks we know celebrating birthdays in the next few weeks. Feb. 28: Attorney Nolan LeBlanc, Amy Ball, Kathy McKenzie and Kurt Reeves all celebrate on this day. Joining them are country singer Jason Aldean,  41, chef Ainsley Harriott  60 and Patrick Monahan  48.  ******Feb. 29: Not having birthdays this year are Ginger Romero, Logan Dubose, Will Brinson, Kevin Jones and George Cassidy.******March 1: Robert Foster, John Gooch and Jennifer Thomas celebrate on this day. Also celebrating are Pop singers Justin Bieber,  23,  Kesha  30, director Ron ‘Opie’ Howard  63.*****  March 2: This is Texas Independence Day. Having birthdays are Kay Butler, Craig Nugent and Tommy Andrus. They are joined by rock singer Jon Bon Jovi,  55,  movie actress Rebel Wilson  37 and football player  Reggie Bush,  32.*****  March 3: Lori Bonds, Joan Broussard and Donna Sullivan are a year older on this day. Celebrities celebrating today are actors Julie Bowen  47,  Christian Oliver  45 and  Nathalie Kelley  32. ***** March 4: Darrell Evans, Vickie Parish, Carolyn Sheppard and Travis Reeves have birthdays today. Joining them are basketball player Drayman Green,  27, actors Patricia Heaton,  59 and Catherine O’Hara,  63.*****March 5: Cathy Kimbrow, Carolyn Hillsten and Don Bayliss have birthdays today. Also celebrating are actress Eva Mendes,  43,  magician Penn Gillette,  62 and model  Niki Taylor,  42.*****March 6: We wish a happy birthday today to Coach Sam Moore, and Mark Benton, mechanic at Bridge City Automotive, Kristen Rucker and Glyndon Childers. Celebrities joining them are basketball player Shaquille O’Neal,  45, comedian DL Hughley,  54, actress Moira Kelly,  49. 


Joe Premeaux was pulling up his boat at da boat launch wen he see Comeaux coming up in his pirogue. Wen he got closer to da dock Premeaux see dat Comeaux him, got a box strapped to da middle of his chest. Premeaux him, axe, “Tee Nonc, wat’s dat you got in dat box dat you got strapped to you chest, hanh?”

Comeaux him got out of his piroque and he tell Premeaux, “I got dynomite me.”

Premeaux axe, “Nonc, you out of you mind you?”

Comeaux answer, “No, it’s like dis Premeaux, do you know Oink Terreaux?”

“Mais yea, I know him me, I used to fish wit him,” Premeaux answer.

Comeaux say, “Well, every time I brought myself to town Oink him he slap me rat in da chest. He hit me so hard he nearly break my dam ribs, and me, I’m tired of dat. Da next time he do dat to me, I’m gonna blow his damn hand off.”


Americans overwhelming support tougher gun laws. They also agree that congress isn’t likely to make big significant moves anytime soon. On guns citizens are remarkably untied. By almost 2 to 1, 63% to 33%, they say tightening gun control laws would prevent more mass shootings. They say 2 to 1 the AR15, used by the Florida shooter, should be banned. Also 78% to 12% say anyone treated for mental illness shouldn’t own a firearm. The NRA will fight any changes to the present law. The NRA, along with President Trump, suggest arming school teachers, most people believe that is just a diversion to change the subject away from lifting the age from 18 to 21 to buy assault weapons. Trump talks a good game but is likely to just push for background checks. He will move away from raising the age limit and like many Republicans who say tighter gun laws wouldn’t prevent mass shootings, won’t go against the NRA when it come down to nut  cracking time. Most of the lip service is all staged to kick the can down the road until next mass shooting.*****My time is up, thanks for yours. Remember Texas Independence Day. Take care and God bless.