For the Record

Capt. Chuck Uzzle


        For the majority of our area students school is almost over for the year, for 

some it’s already over. The much anticipated free days of summer are now upon us 

and it’s this time of the year that is tailor made for taking a youngster 

fishing. During the school year everyone is confined to schedules that only 

allow free time on the weekends, which coincidentally is when everyone else is 

free. The crowds are much larger on the weekends and who knows if the fish have 

figured out what Saturday and Sunday mean. It is awfully difficult to get the 

fish biting and your free time to happen at the same time. 

        With a wide open calendar and a little bit of flexibility in schedules, parents 

can treat their kids to a great day on the water during this time of the year. 

Weather patterns begin to stabilize as the long summer season here in east Texas 

takes command. Lighter winds mean more comfortable outings as well as plenty 

more options for places to fish. During the spring most fisherman are confined 

to areas that aren’t whitecapping so a large portion of our local waters tend to 

be “off limits” unless you can stand some rough seas.  

        Several seasonal programs come into play during this time of the year which can 

really produce some super fishing. One of the more popular ways to catch fish is 

to use live bait, either under a cork or fished on the bottom. Fishing live bait 

on Sabine Lake means mostly throwing shad or mullet because they are much easier 

to come by. Most local anglers who throw live bait have become 

handy with a cast net in order to catch their bait, this can be a great way to 

get a kid involved. I know I have spent several hours just explaining what 

different kinds of fish or other critters we catch are to children on my boat during the 

last couple of years. 

        Another summer program that may come back into play this year is chasing 

schooling fish. Last year we had an unbelievable summer chasing flocks of gulls 

that were feeding on brown shrimp which were driven to the surface by schools of 

hungry trout and redfish. This wide open action is just what the doctor ordered 

when it comes to getting kids interested in the sport of fishing, lots of fish 

and very little down time. If you happen to get in on some of that crazy action 

you will understand what I am talking about. 

        Whatever way you decide to chase fish this summer please be sure and take a kid 

along, they will always remember the trip. Get some good information and ask 

questions so your time on the water can be as good as it possibly can. After all 

catching fish is just a small part of the game when you think about it, being 

with your kids and spending some quality time together is what it’s all about.