On Friday, August 24, Jim Malain with Entergy delivered a check for $22,250 to be used by teachers throughout the Little Cypress-Mauriceville District for classroom supplies. 


One category of losses from Hurricane Harvey that is not covered by FEMA, is the tens of thousands of dollars in classroom resources that teachers have bought with their own money and collected through the years. This grant will help replace much of those items lost in the flood.


Although the photo was taken at Little Cypress Junior High, the funds will go to all teachers on the damaged campuses.

Attached photo

From left – Phillip Matthews, Maintenance Director; Todd Loupe, Executive Director of Secondary Education; Jason Yeaman, Little Cypress Junior High Principal; Jim Malain, Entergy; Greg Perry, Assistant Superintendent; Wendy Hanks, Teacher; Natalie Wilson, Secretary; Maria Berlinger, Teacher; and Cassie Bishop, Teacher.