There are several ways you can try this easy dish.  Pick the one that seems the most comfortable for you.
Equipment needed:2 medium saucepans1 cooking spoonColander to drain mac andcooked chicken.
Ingredients:1 box Kraft mac and cheese w/milk and cheese required OR 1 box Velveeta mac/cheese w/broccoli,1 sq. box frozen chopped broccoli (got at HEB, hard-to-find other places),measuring cup,6 qts. water,1 bag frozen, cooked cubed chicken OR 2 boiled and skinless cubed chicken breasts
Directions:Decide on which kind of mac and cheese you want to cook, following directions on box.  While mac and cheese cooking, place frozen box of broccoli in microwave for 8 minutes.Add to Mac and cheese chosen after broccoli finished cooking.  Meanwhile, should be cooking cubed fresh chicken or chicken breasts in 6 qts. water.  Add cooked cubed chicken to Mac and cheese, broccoli mix.  Serve warm immediately.  Quick and easy meal.  Double or triple for a crowd.

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