Coach David Kendrick has released results of LCM Bears from the Orangefield Powerlifting Meet held Thursday February 14, 2019.

Girls placing in the competition were Sarah Bates, 1st in the 181 weight class with a total lift of 685 lbs.; Anna Broussard, 1st in the 198 weight class with 580 lbs.; and Sydney McGraw, 3rd in the 198 weight class with a 520 lb. total.

The Boys team also brought home medals. Julian Arteaga, 2nd in the 132 weight class lifted 795;

Greyson Kuykendall, 3rd in the 132 weight class had a total of 795 lbs.; Shawn McKay was 1st in the 181 weight class and lifted a total of 1255 lbs.; Colt Lebleu came in 1st in the 220 weight class with 1535 lbs.; and Blake Ferguson was 2nd in the 275 weight class with a total weight of 1350 lbs.

The girls who qualify will compete in the regional meet in Edna on March 2, and the boys regional meet is on March 9, in Baytown. 

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