Orangefield Junior High ,6th grade students, in Mr. Corey Reed’s class participated in a Science Fair. The theme of the fair was The Scientific Method.  Students chose topics and formulated questions that integrated the scientific method into their projects.  Topics displayed varied interests including the ability of mealworms to break down pollution, electromagnetics, volcanoes, and taste tests. Approximately 140 students participated in the fair. Parents attended the fair from 5:30 to 7:30, Thursday. Students presented projects to the audience and judges. Judges for the fair were,  O.I.S.D.schoolboard member and former science teacher, Mr.  Jesse Fremont, Dr. Travis  Miller D.D.S,, and Katy Krantz from Shangri La. Winners from the fair were Ethan Brown, Jett Stevenson, Logan Trahan, Daegan Vaughn,and Kellen Garcia.

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