Regardless of how quickly you hear or read any fishing report it is 
still old news.That is not to say that gathering any information that 
will give you a head start should not be an integral part of your 
planning, but conditions can change overnight and you have to be able to 

I had a very good partner when I initially started fishing team 
tournaments for money back in the early 70’s and until we learned that 
lesson we struggled. In addition to that mistake, we were notorious for 
abandoning our own pattern at the very last minute to fish another that 
sounded even better than ours.

Our initial thinking was that we couldn’t win with the fish that we had 
been catching followed by the belief that our bass would be there should 
the untried pattern fail to produce.

We were five tournaments into our first year when one of the best pros 
on the circuit changed our fortunes with a single statement.“You will 
never win until you do what you do best!”

I think any bass fisherman, pro or recreational, will quickly tell you 
that it is hard to catch another man’s fish.Regardless of how trusting 
you are of the tip, he is usually doing some small thing that makes all 
the difference in the world.

In other words, never hang your hat on rushing to a single spot and 
fishing one particular bait in hopes of having a big day.That might 
happen, but the odds of you landing a great white shark are about the 
same.Keep that hot tip in your back pocket and fish your fish first.

Just prior to the weekend downpour, I received a call from two friends 
from Crowley that were working a job in the area and were going to fish 
Friday afternoon.“If I didn’t have much time,” I told them,” I would tie 
on a Whacky worm or a small spinner bait and fish the clearest water you 
can find in Black’s or Cow Bayou.”

At eight o’clock that night they called to see if I could join them for 
supper as a reward for the hot tip.“We caught eleven redfish up to nine 
pounds and a pile of small bass fishing just where you suggested.We 
fished a Lil John Whacky worm style and never tried anything else.

I didn’t have the heart to tell them that I would have never rigged a 
Lil John that way, but the ultimate kicker was the fact that they made a 
wrong turn and weren’t even fishing in either bayou.I can’t wait to give 
it a try, but it is old news now!

It is unfortunate for local bass fishermen that some of the best river 
fishermen in the area fish their tournaments every Tuesday afternoon as 
the deadline for my column is prior to their weigh-ins.They are not in a 
hurry to draw you a map on the back of your hand, but they will tell you 
when the bite was good and the final weights give you some idea as to 
how solid the fish were.Consider a color or particular bait a bonus!

Obviously the bite will have changed by Tuesday’s tournament, but the 
previous tournament yielded some pretty good catches.Mike Chargois and 
Jim Foster won it with 9.11 pounds anchored with a very nice 5.23 pound 
fish.Zane Gunter and Gavin Deshotel cashed the second place check with a 
5.38 pound catch and Colby Cross and Adam Jacobs finished third.Twenty 
nine teams fished the weekly event.

Calvin Hobbs and David Leis reported that the water on the south 
revetment wall looked a little better last Thursday and they finished an 
afternoon trip with twelve small Texas keeper trout and five 
redfish.David said they also caught a lot of undersized trout.They 
caught all of their fish in six to eight feet of water on Texas chicken 

I got only couple of reports off T-Bend this week and they could not 
have been more opposite as far as patterns go.Dane Breaux caught his 
first bass over nine pounds and he and his cousin caught nineteen bass 
in Buck Creek swimming a watermelon jig and craw worm combination.

Tal Bergeron said that he wore out bass in the two to four pound class 
fishing bedding fish with a six inch curl tail worm.They were swimming 
it unweighted.Tal also said they saw a couple of really good bass near 
beds, but were unable to get them to bite. The spawn is all but over at 
this point.