Many years ago I became acutely aware of the fact that the word “good”
is relative and used bridge the broad divide between “bad” and “great”.
“Good” is indeed encouraging, but it remains a word to be taken with a
grain of salt………especially when it comes to fishing!

In the case of Sabine Lake trout fishermen, even catching a few trout is
considered to be “good”.Prior to Harvey’s arrival, however, the current
catching would scarcely rate above the shadows of “bad”.The only
complaint anglers ever had in Junes of the past were the numbers of
small trout that assaulted a variety of lures all day long.

The larger trout of early spring could still be duped with croaker and
finger mullet, but for the most part, schooling reds, flounder and huge
numbers of smaller trout still kept local anglers busy.Having said that,
when Charles Ancelet called before returning to Houston last week and
said that the trout catching had been good all morning,” I was more than
ready to hear the rest of the story.

Relative to what we have been experiencing, he was on the money in
describing it as good.During the first thirty minutes of an incoming
tide, they boated at least thirty trout two days in a row.“Not one of
the fish was a Texas legal keeper,” said Ancelet, “but the action was
fast and furious for a short span of time. “It ended as quickly as it
started, “added Ancelet, “and we never got another bite.

“We were fishing the channel near the south end of Lighthouse Cove and
our bite was in eight to twelve feet of water.We had the best luck with
a purple demon Lil’ John rigged on a three-eighths ounce head.”

Ancelet’s fishing partner is a part-time Galveston guide and he told
Charlie that they had just lucked out and intercepted a school of small
tide runners riding the saltier water inland. “I appreciated his
assessment,” added Charlie, “but I could have cared less as I haven’t
caught a single trout since the last week of May.”

I tend to believe that the thick layer of mud has hurt us long term even
more than the salinity level.Most of the shell is now buried in silt and
a soft layer of mud and that has changed everything from bait-attracting
structure to the water cleansing benefits that oysters provide.

It also accounts for how rapidly the lake muddies up following even the
most modest blows.Dirty water really affects little more than angler
confidence, but it does marginalize the strike zone.

The revetment walls remain the most consistent game in town and that
fact is emphasized by the huge numbers of local anglers wedged in close
proximity to the pipes.If you are not in exactly the right spot, you are
little more than a spectator and everyone with a rod apparently knows that.

I stopped at both sets of pipes for a few minutes last week and I was
amazed at how forgiving these anglers were.Catching a fish meant reeling
in at least two other lines and returning to the truck to deposit your
catch meant giving up your coveted spot!

I never saw the first trout landed. But I did see a lot of small
flounder and several nice slot reds.The anglers that managed to land
their redfish invariably reeled in a cobweb of lines as well.In at least
one instance, the angler reeling in the fish wasn’t the one that had
hooked it!

Lower water will make running and fishing the Louisiana marshes a little
tougher, but the shallow ponds have been good to local bass anglers.It
was evident that navigating that water was rapidly becoming a challenge
for the fellows running larger bass boats based on the catches in last
week’s Sabine River Shootout.

The numbers were down compared to the recent weights the Tuesday evening
anglers have been posting, but they were still solid. Greyson Benoit and
Darren Youngblood captured the first place check with 7.45-pounds and
took big bass honors as well with 4.81-pound fish.

Myron Waldrop and David Burman cashed the second place check with a
6.31-pound catch.It is also obvious that Cullen Simon has been paying
close attention to what his Dad is doing in the front of the boat as he
won big bass honors in the Kid’s Division with a 3.27-pound bass.

The bass was a personal best for Cullen and I am pretty sure this
youngster is only getting started.Hats off to his Dad as well for his
choice of fishing partners!


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