Instapot directions:


Pinto Beans with Chicken and Sausage in an Instapot, along with

Summer Salad Garnish, Courtesy of Payne’s Pantry:


Ingredients for one Instapot:


1-lb dry pinto beans,

1/4 lb yellow split peas,

3 meaty chicken legs and 3 large chicken thighs,

1lb Zummo links,

4 small new potatoes,

2 cups cooked rice


1 cucumber,

1 tomato,

1 chopped white or green onion,

Pepperonchinnis or chopped jalepeno with vinegar,

As desired, shakes of garlic powder, onion powder, (Cajun seasoning, if spicy desired)

Salt, as desired

Pepper, as desired


Now, add onions salt, pepper, Cajun seasoning (if desired to be spicy) cooked chicken, raw Zummo’s sausage, 4 new potatoes cut into 4 pieces and cooked with the beans.  Continue to cook on high. Do not allow potatoes to get mushy.


While cooking, cut one avocado in pieces, 1 cucumber cut in small pieces, and 1 tomato cut in small pieces.  Mix together and pour over mixture of 

jalepeno vinegar or pepperonchinni vinegar.   Marinate in refrigerator.


Cook rice according to package directions.  Chop white onion or green onions for garnish.  Serve and enjoy.