This appetizer tray consists of only three ingredients:  cucumbers, baby raw carrots,

and medium quartered tomatoes.  This is a photo from Dr. Sarah Boehme’s refreshment table after a book review this year in AAUW ‘s Book-Ins (American Association of University Women).
Equipment needed:
1 large platter
1 knife to slice cucumbers and tomatoes
Bag of fresh baby carrots
2 cucumbers
2 medium tomatoes
Dip of choice, homemade or commercial
Thinly slice cucumbers, placing them around edge of platter.  Next, place raw baby carrots in next row around cucumbers.  Finally, quarter tomatoes and place in center of platter.  Serve with dip of choice to accompany the veggies.  Have extra veggies in reserve in case they are depleted quickly.  They are always a healthy choice at any event.

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