West Orange – Cove CISD has placed surveillance cameras at the stadium at West Orange – Stark High
School. The action is in follow-up to previously placed signage at all of our facilities that states “No Pets
Allowed” with the exception of service animals.
This is a public appeal to our community to adhere to the “No Pets/Service Animal Exception.”
The district is experiencing instances of animals damaging our new turf surface. WOCCISD will prosecute
individuals who bring non-service animals/pets inside the stadium.
The district must take every measure to be a good steward of the resources provided for the use of our
students. Should non-service animals/pets continue to access field turf with their owners, WOCCISD will
be forced to close the track at the stadium to public use.
We respectfully request community support in providing a positive environment for all.

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