More often than you would think, a new client pays $500 for a day of
fishing only to step in the boat with a rod and reel that he hasn’t even
looked at in months. I mention the fact that it is always a new client,
because those that have fished with me for years either own very good
equipment or fish with mine.

Here is a tip that will save you a lot of money over the years if you
consider just getting a bite on the end of your string a successful
outing.Go crabbing!

In the event that you really want to step out and enjoy the thrill of
watching a cork twitch on the surface prior to plunging under the surge
of a hungry fish, simply invest in a cane pole, a little line, a cork
and a hook.I still enjoy that type of fishing, but it has its limitations.

If, however, you suspect that you may already be addicted to the thrill
of hunting and catching fish, purchase the best equipment that you can
afford, learn to use it and take care of it.If there is a particular
species of fish or technique that interests you more than another, talk
to another angler that knows more than you do.

Quantity isn’t nearly as important as quality when investing in fishing
equipment.A single modestly priced combination that best suits your
needs is far more valuable than an arm load of low priced specials.The
same rod that will give you an advantage when dealing with saltwater bay
fish or bass is not going to be the best choice for chasing crappie and
vice versa.

That is also an important factor to remember when upgrading your fishing
arsenal. Your second rod should be better suited to fishing lighter or
heavier lures for lighter or heavier fish.You can initially cover most
of your needs with a medium to medium heavy 6 ½ to 7 foot rod combined
with a quality level wind reel.My second choice would be a medium
spinning rod of the same length matched with a 2000 or 2500 series
spinning reel.

From that point on, most of your upgrades will be in heavier longer
casting rods more specific to Carolina rigging, flipping and
pitching.Depending on the size of the line you elect to load on your
reel, your spinning outfit will adequately handle all other needs from
Wacky worms to crappie jigs.

There are techniques that will work well with both spinning and casting
gear like drop shotting and fishing jerk baits, but choice of either rod
is dependent of the line size that best fits a specific technique.I
don’t care to flip or pitch with six to ten pound test and you will play
hell fishing a 1/32^nd ounce crappie jig on sixty pound braid!

As far as type of line is concerned, I have a world of confidence in a
quality braid, but fish a lot of mono as well when fishing both
crankbaits and the light stuff.I even prefer a short mono leader when
fishing saltwater plastics on braid as a loop knot is easier to
tie.While the loop knot is not necessary for Carolina rigging or
bouncing lizards off the bottom, it breathes life into everything from
crankbaits to Swim baits.

Mono or fluorocarbon, which is less flexible but more sensitive, are
both better choices for fishing crank baits and jerkbaits as they are
more forgiving than braid and give the fish a split second longer to
take in your lure following a strike.

There are countless choices of line available and none of them are
cheap.I am, however, surprised at the number of accomplished anglers
that select the right line for their needs, but often by the cheapest
brand.Your line is the only connection between you and your fish.A four
to six hundred dollar rod and reel is worthless when your six to eight
dollar line fails at the knot.

Cheaper line will not only fail to step up to the plate when most
needed, but is inevitably harder to cast and quicker to coil on the reel
resulting in the dreaded backlash.More potentially successful fishing
trips are torpedoed by cheap line and push button reels than any angler

If you want to totally frustrate a budding angler, arm them with a push
button reel.Every line problem is hidden under the cover and the next
cast is always an adventure.Start out with quality spinning gear and go
from there.Catching is the more enjoyable part of fishing!