The water clarity in Sabine Lake is no longer an issue nor is the
salinity level and neither should take a turn for the worse over the
next few months.As a matter of fact, both should only improve as we move
into the cooler months of fall and more frequent north winds empty
surrounding marshes.

November and December are easily the most fishermen friendly months of
the year with a wide variety of patterns and programs open to local
anglers.The only anglers still faced with a major challenge is that
relatively small group of folks in search of a trophy trout.

For years, finding the one trout they were looking for required little
more than patience and fishing with the most productive lures.Corkies,
mullet imitations like the Catch V, and longer tails fished on very
light heads took precedence over the smaller tails and popping
corks.Larger topwaters like the Super Spook reduced the number of
strikes but were far more likely to dupe that trout looking for one big

The bottom line is that any trout over five pounds is now a coveted fish
as the trout population continues to rebound following Harvey’s
devastation.For that reason, a number of the more dedicated big trout
purists are now in pursuit of both flounder and redfish.

Not only are they accomplished anglers relying on the best of equipment,
they have no problem riding past the countless small groups of terns and
gulls working over twelve to fourteen inch trout.The average angler
finds that annual phenomenon to be irresistible.

The bonus in pausing long enough to at least check out birds patrolling
surface feeding fish is that there is always a chance that the predators
are redfish rather than small trout.Fifteen or twenty minutes in the
right school of reds can make your day!

The more reliable shot at a redfish or flounder supper, however, is to
work the shoreline and drains on an outgoing tide.The game fish are well
aware of the prospects of an easy meal as bait fish and small crabs are
washed out into the open lake.Relatively speaking, there aren’t many of
these drains on the east side of the lake, but they are all fish magnets
at times.

The ability to plant your Talon or Power pole and catch numbers without
having to move, ranks second only to the fact that the fish congregate
in anticipation of the buffet.It is not at all unusual this time of the
year to catch trout, flounder, and reds without ever moving the boat!

In the event that you are forced to fish a high or incoming tide, the
best option more often is to work the shoreline on your troll
motor.While casting, keep your eyes on the surface for everything from
tailing reds to small schools of nervous bait. Never pass egrets wading
the shoreline as they are never far from bait that you may or may not see.

This is also the one time of the year that artificial lures will work
better for you than live or fresh dead bait.The fact that you can cover
more water with artificial is important and those same lures will work
when fishing on anchor.

Smaller is generally better than larger when selecting bait size as
well.Four inch tails, three inch Swim Baits, and small shallow running
crankbaits all work well.Having recommended those three choices, on most
days you can also fish a one-eighth ounce spinnerbait or weedless gold
spoon and never have to change lures.

The spoon is especially deadly on the redfish, but not the best of
choices for flounder.The spinner bait, however, will attract anything
that swims.A single bladed version with a #3 Colorado blade and a Gulp
body is my first choice.

Regardless of what aspect of fall fishing appeals to you the most, thee
best news of all is that every pattern is improving and cooler days make
each trip far more enjoyable!